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With QMaxx SALT & Industrial Strength Wipes… Surf & Turf Just Got a Lot More Interesting!

QMaxx SALT and Industrial Strength

Hey, we love lobster and steak, but they can’t take care of our rust and corrosion problems. Now with 2 Free Wipes for QMaxx SALT and Industrial Strength you’ll have two of our most popular products in convenient Wipes:

  • QMaxx SALT–Formulated for the unique properties of saltwater. When metal parts on your boat, engine, fishing tackle or boat trailer are directly exposed to saltwater, you risk aggressive corrosion, pitting and salt creep. And if you live near the ocean, salt is in the air where it can do damage to automobiles, metal door frames, tools and other equipment around the house. QMaxx SALT can help.
  • QMaxx Industrial Strength–This product is ready to work whenever you need all-around, workhorse penetrating power to lubricate, prevent rust and corrosion and even remove existing surface rust. If you’ve got nuts and bolts, tools or any part that’s frozen with rust, Industrial Strength can break rust’s hold.

But don’t take our word for it. For a limited time, let us send you 2 Free Wipes: QMaxx SALT and QMaxx Industrial Strength. Just fill out the form below, and we’ll take care of the rest. One per customer.

Capt. Jay Puts QMaxx SALT to Work

See the Power of QMaxx Industrial Strength

QMaxx Wipes and More…

QMaxx Wipes are heavy-duty moist towelettes that stand up to tough applications. In addition to SALT and Industrial Strength, our 7″ x 9″ Wipes are available in our popular gun and knife oils–BLU and Black Diamond. And when you go to the QMaxx Web Store, you’ll find the complete line of QMaxx products in pump, aerosol, trigger spray and gallon cans. We also make handy Lube Pens for BLU and Black Diamond. QMaxx is silcone-free. All our products CLEANLUBRICATEPROTECT metal with one easy application. Everything else is just oil!

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