Rust and Corrosion Protection: Home, Shop, Garage

Rust and corrosion protection with QMaxx patent-pending, pill water-displacement technology:
  • Prevents rust and corrosion while it cleans metal. QMaxx is proven to protect surfaces longer. The low-viscosity formulation delivers lubrication where you need it even to the smallest parts.
  • The family of QMaxx solutions is scientifically formulated for extreme environmental and operating conditions. Every product is balanced for aggressive performance and maximum safety retaining superior water-displacement properties while protecting the environment, viagra surfaces and electrical circuits.
  • QMaxx evaporates quickly and leaves a dry-to-touch protective barrier that is NEVER oily or tacky.

Below are just some of the possible uses for QMaxx. How many more ways will you find to use QMaxx?

To find the best solution for your problem project, check out the QMaxx product descriptions or email or call QMaxx Products Group for more information (888-389-9455).


• HVAC and generators Protect HVAC and generator motors and circuitry from weather and corrosion – maintaining conductivity while providing good dielectrics.
• Hinges Silence squeaky hinges.
• Window and sliding door tracks Lubricate window and sliding door tracks for smooth, silent operation.
• Stainless steel grills Protect finishes on stainless steel grills from rust and corrosion; dirt and dust won’t stick for easy cleanup. Do not use on grates and food preparation surfaces.
• Stainless steel appliances Clean and protect stainless steel appliances from water spots and fingerprints; food spills clean off easily. Do not use on food preparation surfaces.
• Locks Lubricate locks and prevent icing.
• Hand tools Clean and restore rusty hand tools and inhibit rust and corrosion – even when tools get wet. Lubricate tool parts for fast disassembly and reassembly.
• Power tools Protect the motors in power tools and air compressors from moisture.
• Air compressors Clean saw blades and maintain rust-free surfaces for easier cutting.
• Table saws, lathes and drill presses Clean work surfaces on table saws, lathes, drill presses and create a protective barrier to inhibit rust and corrosion without leaving an oily or tacky residue.
 • Nuts and bolts Break rust on nuts and bolts and prevent future rusting.
• Vehicles Clean, protect and lubricate locks, door and hood hinges and other lube points on cars, trucks, and RVs.
• Motorcycles Clean and protect motorcycle chains from rust and dirt for smooth operation.
• Garage doors Maintain tracks, chains and direct drive systems on automatic garage doors.
• Garden tools Clean and protect garden tools from rust; prevent dirt from sticking to surfaces.
• Lawnmowers Protect lawnmowers from rust and the build up of dirt and grass clippings.
• Snow blowers / shovels Prevent ice and snow build up on snow blowers and shovels.
• Firearms Clean and protect firearms from rust and corrosion; lubricate actions for smoother operation; and create a protective barrier that is dry to the touch and prevents dirt, fingerprints and carbon build up.
• Knives Clean and protect knife blades and hinges in folding knives from rust and corrosion.
• Fishing reels Protect fishing reels from rust and corrosion in saltwater or fresh while lubricating gears for smooth operation.
• Bicycles Repel water, dirt and sand on bicycle chains – to keep them clean and rust-free.
• Boats Clean and protect boat hulls and interior surfaces for easy maintenance; prevent corrosion on motors, electrical circuits and contacts, and metal fittings.
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