QMaxx FRESH Protects Equipment at Got Dirty Floors? Inc.


Arizona Hard-Surface Restoration Business Keeps Rust at Bay with QMaxx FRESH

QMaxx Fresh protects metal against rust and corrosion
Since he started using QMaxx FRESH, Henry Horta, owner of Got Dirty Floors? Inc. in Arizona’s East Valley, worries a lot less about keeping his business up and running.

Water is a key component of every cleaning and hard-surface restoration business. Whether cleaning and polishing tile, grout or concrete, shampooing carpets or cleaning up after a flood, hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of gallons of water move through truckmount units—delivering water to the work area and vacuuming it up into waste tanks.

“Water,” says Horta, “provides the potential for corrosion. It can destroy our motors, rust crankshafts and ruin our blower units. When a system is down, we’re losing money every day until it’s fixed. Since we started using QMaxx FRESH, we’ve had no equipment failures.”

Rust Damage Is the Problem

While you might think that a system designed to pump and vacuum water would be resistant to water damage, it’s not failsafe.

QMaxx FRESH protects metal from rust and corrosion
Inside Horta’s job-site trailer. You can see the hard-surface cleaning equipment with the high-pressure truck mount unit front and center.

Consider a typical hard-surface restoration and cleaning system: It includes a high-pressure truckmount unit (essentially a four-cylinder auto engine used to pump the water); a cast iron blower that creates the suction; and a variety of tools, wands, accessories and hoses that vary by the job.

One of the problems, Horta explains, is with all the equipment residing in a trailer or truck bed, the waste tank is never far from the blower’s air intakes: “Moist air and water can get sucked into the blower. Sometimes, too, customers will try to clean their carpets, spill an entire bottle of shampoo and then call us to deal with the mess. When we start sucking up the spilled cleaner, there’s foam and bubbles everywhere that are sucked into the air intakes.”

Horta’s seen the results of rust damage on his own and other company’s equipment. Before he was using QMaxx, Horta had a HydraMaster unit go down because rust developed inside the blower around the impeller. “When we went to start the machine, it wouldn’t even turn over. The rust prevented anything from rotating. To fix it, the blower had to be cracked open, remachined, cleaned and put back together.”

In another case, a company with the exact same equipment as Horta (and only six months older) sustained major damage when the blower seized up. The crankshaft, which comes off the motor and goes into the blower, couldn’t turn and actually snapped; the unit was ruined.

Good Maintenance—The Most Effective Tool

Because these systems are expensive—a typical unit ranges from $12,000 to $25,000—and because it’s impossible to keep all water out of the system, Horta says he treats his systems with QMaxx FRESH after every job. “The little bit of extra money you spend for QMaxx is nothing compared to the amount of money you lose when you are not able to work or spending money on repairs.”

In the year and a half that he’s been using QMaxx FRESH, Horta notices that his systems are easier to start and run better. He recalls earlier days when he was using WD-40 and often had to get into the drive shaft assembly and rotate it manually to get the system to start. “We had the beginning of a rust problem in the blower, but we switched to QMaxx FRESH and since then we’ve had no problem.”

The QMAXX Difference

QMaxx FRESH protects motors, metal parts from rust and corrosion“I first heard about QMaxx FRESH,” says Horta, “when dedicated QMaxx user Mike Dobson showed me a set of Mason jars—each containing water and a different lubricant. In the jars with WD-40 and Liquid Wrench, the lube sat on top of the water. But in the third jar, the QMaxx sank to the bottom below the water. Unless you just don’t understand basic physics, that is one of the most effective displays I’ve ever seen.”

The essential technology in all QMaxx products is its ability to displace water. QMaxx has a specific gravity heavier than water, which enables QMaxx to get under the water. When you spray QMaxx on equipment or parts, it creates a water-displacing barrier. It bonds with the metal surface to repel water and protect against rust and corrosion. But that’s not all:

  • QMaxx cleans and removes existing rust and corrosion. Its ability to penetrate even rusted parts makes it possible to break rust’s bond. In all but the very toughest cases, seized and frozen parts will move freely again.
  • QMaxx is a superior lubricant for metal parts and equipment. Because QMaxx contains NO silicone, our lubricant never becomes gummy and sticky over time.
  • QMaxx FRESH is one in a family of products engineered to meet the most challenging work and environmental conditions. FRESH specifically protects metals from rust, freshwater calcium corrosion and hard water mineral build up.
  • QMaxx dries quickly and leaves surfaces dry to the touch. It won’t attract the dirt, sand and grit that cause extra wear and tear.
  • And QMaxx lasts longer. It’s been proven in independent testing to protect longer than the competition. FRESH outperforms most products on the market today by up to 200 percent in humidity tests.

“Since we switched over to FRESH,” says Horta, “we’ve never had a problem. The units have operated flawlessly for the last year and a half. Now I’m keeping my eyes open for ways to use QMaxx on my guns as well as for general uses round the home.”

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