Howe’s Fishing with Mike Howe


“This winter, anything metal we own—ice augers, vehicles and gear—is being sprayed and protected with QMaxx ICE.”

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Mike Howe
Mike Howe, the owner of A Able Fishing Charters and Tours, has been fishing Flathead Lake and other area waters since he arrived in the valley.

Fishing—whether in the middle of summer or the dead of winter—is all about water. And water is hard on metal gear. It causes rust, corrosion, calcium buildup and spotting. In winter, snow and ice can clog equipment and make transportation (let alone fishing) difficult.

That’s why we choose QMaxx products to protect our equipment against water…whether to inhibit rust and corrosion or prevent the buildup of ice and snow on our ice fishing gear and vehicles. QMaxx isn’t just another lubricant or oil. This is a state-of-the-art solution designed to protect your gear under the most extreme environmental and working conditions.

Since 1987, Howe’s Fishing has been a premiere fishing outfitter in Montana where we have access to all waterways and all fish species throughout the state. Most recently we’ve added ice fishing, which in the last five years has grown exponentially.

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Putting QMaxx ICE to the Test

When snow and ice builds up on equipment and vehicles, it’s difficult to support our guests.


As we have more transport vehicles, more ice augers, more fishing gear that we’re responsible for, the more we have to be ready for every environmental condition. If you know Montana, you know our winter weather can be extreme.

The fact is, in the past wet, heavy snow and slush had a tendency to build up on our gear during the day. It gets into every little crack and crevice. Then when that slush froze overnight, our job got really tough. That’s why we’ve turned to QMaxx ICE.20130130_165202 small

And during the other seasons, we’re using QMaxx FRESH to keep rust, corrosion and water spotting at bay on our boats, vehicles, trailers and metal fittings. It’s also good for keeping our fishing gear rust-free.

A Able Fishing and QMaxx

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My QMaxx ICE Update

qmaxx-ice-worksIt’s winter here in Montana; time to bring out the QMaxx ICE.


Here are some pictures of my ATV after plowing 5 inches of wet, heavy snow.

Pay particular attention to the undercarriage and around the wheels. There is NO packed snow. NO accumulation. And if you’re wondering how long a single spraying lasts, this vehicle was treated LAST year and not touched up even once this season.

-Mike Howe

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