Corrosion and Chemical Analysis


Full-Service Research, Development & Analytics
Testing and Services Capabilities

The following is an overview of the testing and services available through our laboratory. Although based in the Southwest United States, our Arizona facility provides services worldwide.

Custom Projects

  • QMaxx has the experience, expertise and equipment to consult with customers on a wide range of anti-corrosion and material evaluation projects.
  • QMaxx chemists can create a testing and analysis program to meet your specific needs, applications and budget to help you reach a practical solution.
  • Our technical consultants serve as independent, third-party advisors to design projects specifically for quality control testing, failure analysis, material testing, product comparison/development and reverse engineering.

Special Processes

  • With quick turnaround diagnostics and evaluation, we can help you assess maintenance procedures, determine environmental impact, identify wear and predict equipment reliability (and future problems) in time to:
  • Maximize your performance
  • Increase uptime
  • Extend your investment in capital equipment
  • We can use results to recommend lubricants, improve metal choices and optimize maintenance schedules.

Problem Solving

  • Because the bottom-line success of every project comes down to the balance sheet, we specialize in helping you resolve the problems that can impact results: yield, productivity, maintenance and environmental issues.
  • Our engineers and chemists can provide data discovery, economic implications and cost-effective, proof-of-concept analysis.
  • QMaxx can help you design the testing and analysis program that will give you practical solutions.

Custom Formulation

  • QMaxx is a family of formulations developed for a variety of extreme environmental and industrial conditions.
  • QMaxx products are scientifically balanced to be aggressive enough to solve a problem while providing maximum safety to the environment and equipment.
  • When customers have a unique application that will benefit from QMaxx’s proprietary water-displacement and anti-corrosion technologies, our chemists can reverse engineer and redesign QMaxx products to create custom formulations.
  • In this way, QMaxx can adjust our formulation for corrosion, friction, wear and other properties that meet your most exacting industrial application.
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