Salt Spray Testing ASTM B117


Salt Spray Testing ASTM B117
Available at QMaxx Maricopa, cheap AZ, cialis Facility

ASTM B117 corrosion testing and corrosion analysis
Tests per ASTM B117

Salt Spray Testing (ASTM B117) is a cost-effective means to accelerate the corrosion process and test the viability of coatings and materials to resist rust and corrosion. In our own case, QMaxx uses the salt fog test to measure its formulations against the competition.

QMaxx Laboratories’ Salt Spray Chamber is large enough to accommodate large sample sizes down to small sample sizes. QMaxx Research, Development and Analytics Facility can:

    • Offer accelerated atmospheric exposure testing
    • Compare the corrosive resistance of various metals or finishes
    • Determine the corrosive tendency when a metal or coated surface is scratched
    • Measure coating adhesion and corrosion susceptibility
    • Estimate corrosion resistance in adverse environment

Call today to discuss your testing needs with a materials engineer or chemist. Custom testing is available, and qualified personnel are readily available to help you determine the best test procedure for your test samples and data requirements.

QMaxx tests all its products in the Salt Spray Chamber. Currently, QMaxx beats the competition by 400%.

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