QMaxx Custom Formulations


QMaxx Custom Formulations for Your Industrial Application

QMaxx custom formulationsDoes your special project require custom formulations of QMaxx?

The QMaxx product line is a family of proprietary formulations. We’ve developed QMaxx products to meet a variety of extreme environmental and industrial conditions.

All QMaxx formulations are scientifically balanced. They are aggressive enough to solve a particular problem while providing maximum safety to the environment and equipment.

Customers come to us when they have a unique application that can benefit from our water-displacement and anti-corrosion technologies. We can reverse engineer and redesign QMaxx products to create custom formulations that meet specific requirements.

To this end, the chemists at the QMaxx Research, Development & Analytics Laboratory facilities can re-engineer a QMaxx formulation for corrosion, friction, wear and other properties. We can make QMaxx to meet your most exacting industrial applications. QMaxx chemists can provide:

  • Reformulations
  • Environmental Optimizations*
  • Specific-Use Applications
  • Performance Tolerances
  • Proprietary Blends

*Optimization initiatives result in proof-of-concept application

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