Rust and Corrosion Never Sleep and Neither Does QMaxx


Rust and corrosion is the silent enemy. Quietly, persistently it erodes the condition of metal and shortens the useful lifespan of machinery, engines, vehicles, heavy industrial and farm equipment and every metal part throughout your operation. Every year, rust and corrosion costs industry, manufacturing and agriculture more than the damage of all other natural disasters combined. The combined direct costs of rust and corrosion to industry worldwide is estimated to exceed $1.8 trillion. And costs almost double when you factor indirect costs of lost productivity and maintenance. Corrosion costs agriculture between 5% and 10% of the value of all new equipment.

And the more extreme your working conditions, the more serious the problem.

QMaxx is the only patent pending, water-displacement technology that inhibits rust and corrosion and protects your capital equipment.

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Dirt, dust, grit, sand, metal chips and fingerprints Proactive Cleaner. Dirt of any kind gives rust and corrosion a place to start. The smallest scratch or abrasion allows water to collect and get under paint and other protective coatings. QMaxx maintains and protects land and marine motor craft. It cleans surface rust and corrosion, keeps surfaces cleaner and makes ongoing cleaning faster and easier.
QMaxx evaporates quickly leaving a protective barrier with no oily or tacky residue.
Water, ice, snow, fog, steam, salt water Anti-Rust/Anti-Corrosion Preventative. With an average specific gravity of 1.153, QMaxx is heavier than water. It gets under water and actively pushes water away from surfaces and inhibits rust and corrosion. QMaxx extends the life of tools and industrial equipment.
Exposure to extreme environmental and operating conditions Long-Acting Protection. QMaxx is a family of water-displacing cleaners, rust inhibitors and lubricants with special formulations for extreme environmental conditions, from tropical, high humidity and highly corrosive coastal areas to the harshest subzero climates. QMaxx is proven to beat the competition for rust and corrosion protection in independent testing. QMaxx contains NO silicone or PTFE Teflon. There’s NO caking, NO build-up and won’t turn to sludge or varnish. The more you use QMaxx the better the protection.
Mechanical wear and tear Low Viscosity Lubrication. QMaxx has the optimal viscosity to get into places where heavy oils and grease can’t ensuring smooth operation, repelling dirt, protecting against wear and tear. Equipment is easier to maintain. And speeds disassembly and reassembly times.
Corroded terminals and electrical circuitry Excellent Dielectric. QMaxx prevents moisture forming in electric motors. It keeps water away from electrical circuitry and components, inhibits corrosion and maintains conductivity while providing good dielectrics.
Environmental compliance Scientifically formulated. QMaxx is balanced: aggressive enough to get the job done and retain its proprietary water-displacing properties and safe for equipment and the environment. QMaxx passes environmental compliance in all 50 states.
QMaxx is a family of the synthetic, petrochemical lubricant blends (synthetic/synthetic-blend) and specialty lubricants for many manufacturing, process and services environments: agriculture, automotive, chemical, petroleum and natural gas production, public utilities, minerals and mining, construction and building, packaging and printing production, paper and textiles, plastic materials and processing, public transportation and works, public utilities, and more.
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