Capt. Jay on QMaxx SALT

Captain Jay Withers of Silver Lining Charters in Florida talks about the power of QMaxx SALT to prevent rust and corrosion from saltwater. He says in addition to using QMaxx SALT on his boat and fishing tackle, he’s been spraying the aluminum wheels on his boat trailer. Great idea!

QMaxx ICE Challenge

We put QMaxx ICE to the test by freezing water on several metal surfaces. Half are treated with QMaxx ICE; the other half are untreated. Watch to see if QMaxx ICE prevents ice from sticking to metal in subzero temperatures.

QMaxx Industrial Strength Saves a Rusted Tractor Motor

Imagine the rust that built up in the motor of a 1952 CASE DC tractor that sat out in a farmer’s field for 20 years. Now imagine getting that rusted motor unfrozen and running without rebuilding and replacing a lot of parts. That’s the rust-cutting power of QMaxx Industrial Strength. QMaxx saved tractor owner Michael Howell time and money.

QMaxx BLU Rescues Old Rusted-Out Walther P38

Dave Romero reports from the QMaxx Mobile Anti-Corrosion Unit. He demonstrates what it takes to unseize the frozen action, safety and magazine on a severely rusted-out Walther P38 that had been stashed under the seat of a 1967 Lamborghini Mira for the last 40 years.

Millions of Worms…And a QMaxx Moment

Capt. Mark Garry of Kidcochiese Outdoors is back with a new video. But the fishing was a bust due to the cinder worm spawn in Long Island Sound. So Garry went to his workshop to clean his handguns instead. If you go to the 3:38 mark, you’ll get a quick lesson in QMAXX BLU and Black Diamond gun oils.

QMaxx SALT at Montauk

Some great footage presented by Capt. Mark Garry of Kidcochiese Outdoors and useful tackle tips at the 3:56 and 8:54 marks. Garry is a big QMaxx fan.

QMaxx SALT Testimonial

Capt. Mark Garry of Kidcochiese Outdoors and is a big QMaxx fan. At the 11:20 mark in his striped bass video (Striped Bass See or Smell) Garry demononstrates how he uses QMaxx SALT on his boat’s brightwork.

QMaxx ICE Snowmobile Test

QMaxx’s Max McCreery takes us for a ride with QMaxx ICE. Forget the lift and drop method of clearing snow and ice buildup. Spray QMaxx ICE on your snowmobile’s tunnel, suspension and hyfax and and keep snow and ice from sticking, clogging the tunnel and stressing the suspension with extra weight.

Best Fishing Reel Protectant–QMaxx SALT

QMaxx Snow Shovel Test

QMaxx ICE vs Snow Blower

Trail Groomer

Gun Testimonial

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