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Become a QMaxx Reseller: QMaxx Products Group, Inc. is looking for established distributors, sales agencies and manufacturer’s reps interested in representing our line of unique products to current or prospective clientele. This is an opportunity to provide your customers with an assortment of cutting edge lubricants that clean and protect metal and most other materials utilizing our patent pending water displacement technology. Its superiority is tested and proven by independent laboratories, scientists and major industrial clients. You can review several of these tests and testimonials on our website.

With an average specific gravity of 1.153 compared to water, QMaxx products are the only specialty lubricants that are heavier than water, which allows them to get underneath any existing moisture to clean, lubricate and protect (CLP) both surfaces and the internal workings of machinery. Its ability to penetrate and bond with metals further creates a long-lasting barrier to prevent rust and corrosion. Our competitor’s products are lighter than water, which simply stated, means they cannot truly displace water and must be reapplied constantly. This represents a clear competitive advantage that QMaxx products will outperform and outlast any other product you may be selling in your market.

More importantly, from a sales standpoint, our products allow you to demonstrate to your clients in side by side comparison testing in real working conditions our clear advantage in cleaning, lubricating and protecting their investment in their equipment and tools. Incorporating QMaxx products into a company’s regular maintenance program will allow them to operate their business at a higher level of productivity due to lowered equipment downtime, quicker reassembly and reducing the replacement of equipment and tools caused by rust and corrosion. Once demonstrated to, and tested by your clients or prospects, QMaxx products ability to outperform the competition under extreme conditions will increase your potential of closing more sales and retaining their business longer. Almost every industry has a need for one or more of our products so your potential for growth in these markets is unlimited.

To learn more about becoming a reseller of QMaxx products please fill out and submit the form below. Once received, we will contact you to discuss this opportunity further. Thank you for your interest in QMaxx Products Group, Inc.


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