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When the pungent smell of gunpowder is in the air and thick clouds of smoke hang overhead, you know you’re at another SASS event. The Cowboy Single Action Shooters are in town, and they’re burning up black powder. But for all the authenticity, black powder cowboy loads come with a price. Until now!

QMaxx Black Diamond and BLU solve the traditional problems of rust and corrosion on firearms and the messy, time-consuming black powder clean up.

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QMaxx Black Diamond and BLU Difference

wanted qmaxx3If you use black powder, and even if you don’t, you know that firearms, knives and other metal gear require constant protection against rust and corrosion. That’s why QMaxx created its Black Diamond and BLU formulas. All QMaxx products are engineered to:

  • Push water away from metal surfaces because QMaxx is HEAVIER than water.
  • Create a microscopic bond with metal that creates a powerful BARRIER against the elements.

QMaxx Black Diamond

QMaxx protects all firearms. But for black powder shooters, QMaxx Black Diamond means an end to the mess of cleaning guns with boiling water.

When you use black powder, it’s essential that you stop rust and corrosion before they start. That means neutralizing the salts. But there’s more you need to know:

  • When firing black powder in your muzzle loader or using black powder cartridges, 50% of the residue is solid particulates.
  • These particulates (primarily potassium nitrate, potassium carbonate and potassium sulfate) foul your firearm; their hygroscopic properties draw water out of the atmosphere. That’s a formula for rust and corrosion.
  • The mercury fulminate in percussion caps deposits a hygroscopic, corrosive salt residue.
  • And both wax and cast bullets lead to wax and lead build up in your barrels that’s difficult to clean.

old hotelBoth QMaxx Black Diamond and BLU will clean, lubricate and protect against rust and corrosion. But Black Diamond’s nanotechnology adds microscopic diamond particles to the formula. These tiny diamonds fill the pores in metal–giving wax, lead, carbon and solid particulates fewer nooks and crannies to fill. That’s fewer places for highly corrosive elements to build up, which translates into less time spent in clean up for you.

The more you use QMaxx, the greater the benefits and easier the clean up.

There’s an important cumulative benefit to using QMaxx. The more you use QMaxx, the less time you’ll need to spend cleaning your firearms. After about a dozen applications, you won’t need to use boiling water to remove and neutralize primary salts and residue.

While Black Diamond is essential to protect your black powder weapons, the QMaxx BLU formula will protect your steel, blued and nickel-plated guns. QMaxx BLU cleans and lubricates while protecting against rust and corrosion. It’s perfect for your modern firearms too.

Solving Black Powder Problems

In addition to the benefits of regular cleaning with QMaxx Black Diamond, here’s a unique way to use QMaxx to protect your black powder firearms:

If you use pre-cut or pillow ticking patches or felt wads, you can pre-treat them with QMaxx Black Diamond instead of Bore Butter or any barrel lube. Let the QMaxx dry so it can’t contaminate your powder charges. Then store the shooting patches and wads until your next shoot. Use your QMaxx-treated patches and wads exactly as you’d use any black powder shooting patch or wad. Even dry, the QMaxx-treated fabric will clean, lubricate and protect with each firing. This is the perfect solution for:

  • Round ball muzzle loaders
  • Muzzle loading shotguns
  • Black powder revolvers
  • Brass hull shotgun shell cartridges

QMaxx Is Complete Protection

The QMaxx family of products clean, lubricate and protect all your metal surfaces. QMaxx ICE, SALT, H20, Industrial Strength and additional products are formulated for the toughest environmental and working conditions. And in addition to standard pumps and aerosols, QMaxx is available in several applicators. QMaxx trigger spray bottles, target product precisely where you want it. QMaxx Wipes are tough, convenient, 7″ x 9″ pre-moistened towelettes that are perfect to stash in your pocket, shooting vest or possibles bag. Black Diamond and BLU Lube Pens combine pinpoint application with a tough scrubbing tip–perfect for cleaning tight spaces in the actions of firearms.


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