Stop Saltwater Corrosion and Protect Your Gear

QMaxx SALT is insurance in a can…providing maximum saltwater protection against rust and corrosion. If you work, play or live near the coast, you know the destructive power of saltwater to rust and corrode metal. It pits aluminum, corrodes brass and copper and literally eats away at steel, stainless and cast iron. QMaxx SALT helps you fight back.

For pennies per spritz, you can prevent rust and corrosion on boat fittings, fishing gear, trailers and even cars and truck beds. QMaxx SALT reduces the need for costly repairs, replacement parts and rebuilt motors.

Spray, wipe or dab QMaxx SALT to clean surface rust and corrosion and create a powerful barrier between metal and saltwater. It’s thin to penetrate deep into every metal pore and crevice. And QMaxx bonds with metal surfaces at a molecular level for maximum saltwater protection.

QMaxx SALT is the leading rust and corrosion inhibitor for protecting ocean-going boats, inboard and outboard motors, fishing gear, trailers, vehicles, aluminum boat trim, stainless steel fittings and any metal surface or machinery exposed to saltwater or mist. SALT flashes off quickly to leave a dry, non-tacky protective barrier that stops rust, the green monster of corrosion and salt creep longer.

In winter, use QMaxx SALT to fights road salt damage too.

Stop Rust & Corrosion and Save Money with QMaxx SALT

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What the Pros Say about QMaxx and Its Ability to Stop Saltwater Corrosion

“QMaxx SALT just makes sense. It dries quickly with NO greasy residue. I put it on my fishing gear and don’t worry that my hands will slip when landing a fish.”

– Capt. Jay Withers

“At this point, I’m spraying QMaxx SALT on everything metal.”

– Capt. Rick Murphy, Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report

“I usually spray my fishing reels down with an expensive spray lubricant protectant before every trip; at the end of the day I hose them all off and then have to reapply it. With QMaxx SALT, after I sprayed it on it’s lasted for five trips already. I’ve already found like 30 applications for this stuff…the list goes on and on. I love it!”

– Capt. Mike Smedley, Old School Fishing Team

“I cannot tell you how many times we see boats coming into our shop that are completely ruined due to the saltwater getting into the engine or by corroding away at the engine. I can almost guarantee that QMaxx will be the new product to keep that stuff from happening because it truly is a saltwater displacement. I have never seen anything work like it before.”

– Ron P., Naples, FL

Here’s Why QMaxx SALT Works

What's true water displacement technology?

Just because oil and water don’t mix is no guarantee that an oily rust fighter will protect metal from rust and corrosion. In fact, oily rust and corrosion inhibitors have a serious problem. Oil is typically lighter that water. And that means it can trap water against metal. In the wet world of boating and fishing this can easily speed up the corrosion process. Add saltwater to the mix and you have a serious and potentially costly situation.

QMaxx SALT is heavier than water—a technology that’s patented and engineered to get under water (even standing water). True water displacement ensures that no moisture is trapped next to metal where it can do damage.

Why is QMaxx better than other rust and corrosion inhibitors?

QMaxx SALT (and all QMaxx products) combine several state-of-the-art technologies ALL in one formula. The combination of 1) heavier-than-water moisture displacement, 2) a thinness that enables QMaxx to penetrate deep into metal’s smallest pores and crevices, 3) superior cleaning to dissolve existing surface rust and corrosion, and 4) a slight positive charge enables QMaxx to bond with the natural negative charge of metal atoms and create a durable molecular bond.

How long does it work?

In independent laboratory tests, QMaxx SALT was shown to beat several leading corrosion inhibitors. Under laboratory conditions and several runs of the standard ASTM B117 Salt Spray Fog test, QMaxx SALT provided protection lasting between 96 and 120 hours. The other consumer products tested failed at between 24 and the 72-96 hour range. Applied Power Concepts reports, “QMaxx SALT is at the top of the class for this group of metal protectant products that put a clear, non-obtrusive coating on metal to protect from corrosion.”

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Save 10% on Your First Order of QMaxx