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To Lead, You Need to Be Open to What’s New

I’ve been fishing most of my life and spent a lot of time on and near the water. I’ve used all the other lubricants and rust preventatives in the industry with good results and never really looked for an alternative. But . . .

I’m always open minded. And like all men and women who fish, I’m always looking for an edge. I’ve found an edge in fighting rust and corrosion with QMaxx products. They provide superior lubrication for my tackle, boat trailers, outboard motors while killing it on rust and corrosion. Even on what I thought were totally corroded electrical components.

Just as there are lots of great fishing reels, lures and monofilament lines, there are a lot of decent lubricants. But then one day, you see someone using something that seems special. That’s when it pays to be open minded. You try something new, and it feels better…works better. It’s more reliable. So you migrate. And you never look back.

That’s been my experience with QMaxx products. And today QMaxx is my go-to cleaner, lubricant and rust and corrosion preventative.

The more research I’ve done on the cutting-edge QMaxx technology, the more convinced I’ve become. And the more I use QMaxx to combat the humidity and high salt content of Baja’s Sea of Cortez, the more QMaxx proves its worth.

Yeah, it’s that good.

And fishing and boating are just the beginning. QMaxx has all-in-one formulas for all kinds of different uses: snow, ice, freshwater, deep penetration and rust dissolution, knives, firearms and more.

I've been down in Baja for a year now using QMaxx, and the results are absolutely amazing...great penetrating action with the minimum of elbow grease to remove existing rust. And QMaxx bonds with metal at the molecular level; I'm not just putting a film on metal.
- Bill Boyce, host of Destination Baja Sur

The QMaxx Difference

When it comes to cleaning, lubricating and fighting rust and corrosion, QMaxx is in a class by itself. All QMaxx products are engineered to:

  • Displace Water–QMaxx is heavier than water, so it literally pushes water away from surfaces.
  • Bond with Metal–QMaxx bonds molecularly with metal to create a durable, long-lasting barrier against rust-causing elements.
  • Remain Dry to Touch–QMaxx is never gummy or oily, so it won’t pick up dirt, sand or particulates.
  • Work in Extreme Conditions–QMaxx products are specially formulated for the toughest jobs.
  • Do It All in One Can–QMaxx is the 4-in-1 formula that cleans, lubricates, protects metal and prevents rust and corrosion.
  • Work Better Over Time–The more you use QMaxx products, the better they protect and the easier your cleanup.

I’m really impressed with QMaxx long-lasting protection and durability. I used to have to oil my pliers every week just to keep them working. But months after spraying with QMaxx they still work great. A good pair of pliers has tight tolerances, and QMaxx penetrates right in there.

QMaxx saves electrical contacts

I’m a difficult person to convince. You give me a new product, and I’m not just going to say, “Wow. That’s cool.” Instead, I decided to test QMaxx rigorously.

The real test came when I realized my starboard running light had corroded, and I didn’t have easy access to a marina where I could buy a replacement.

You can see the rust and corrosion in the Before picture. I sprayed it down with QMaxx…instant repair.

High five to QMaxx!

I’ve Made a Game Out of Finding As Many Uses for QMaxx As Possible

QMaxx is always coming up with new formulas. They’re that progressive in their thinking. And I thought, any company that’s going through that much R&D (which is extremely expensive) has got to be really focused on their products. That’s when I became a QMaxx fan.

When I saw all the industries (automotive, industrial, agriculture, manufacturing) and types of equipment (firearms, sports gear, heavy machinery, electronics) it was protecting, that’s when finding new applications for QMaxx became my game. Here’s some of what I came up with:

  • I started with the metal guides and rollers on my fishing rods
  • Then I lubricated my reels inside and out to ward off corrosive salts
  • Next I protected my rods and reel seats
  • Then I moved on to marine applications–motors, metal parts and electronics
  • Rusty pliers and tools? They were next
  • That’s when I realized QMaxx protected more than boats and fishing tackle. I use it on my trailer and truck (especially the leaf springs)

While I can clean existing rust and corrosion (right down to bare metal) and keep my equipment working longer, I’m really into spraying down new metal gear BEFORE it ever touches the saltwater.

The results have been excellent.

Only QMaxx does it all:

  • Uses Patented Water-Displacement Technology
  • Dissolves and Cleans Existing Rust & Corrosion
  • Molecularly Bonds to Metal to Create a Powerful Barrier that Protects Against Rust & Corrosion
  • Prevents Snow and Ice Buildup on Winter Gear
  • Pushes Moisture Away from Surfaces--Even Standing Water
  • Lubricates Moving Parts
  • Protects Everything Metal
  • Meets Environmental Standards

The QMaxx family of products clean, lubricate and protect all your metal surfaces. QMaxx ICE, SALT, H2O, Industrial Strength and additional products are formulated for the toughest environmental and working conditions. And in addition to standard pumps and aerosols, QMaxx is available in several applicators. QMaxx trigger spray bottles target product precisely where you want it. QMaxx Wipes are tough, convenient, 7″ x 9″ pre-moistened towelettes that are perfect to stash in your pocket, fishing vest or tackle box. SALT Lube Pens combine pinpoint application with a tough scrubbing tip–perfect for cleaning tight spaces inside reels.

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