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You’ve come to the right place to discover QMaxx at work…and play. Almost daily we hear great stories, see amazing pictures and receive testimonials about customers using QMaxx products at the job site, on their favorite sports equipment, in the workshop, around the house and in the field. We’re always adding new case studies; so come back regularly and be sure to watch our videos.

QMaxx products are so versatile that sometimes even we are surprised by the applications our customers share with us. We think you’ll also get inspiration for new uses in the fight against rust and corrosion, for cleaning and restoring tools and equipment you thought were beyond repair and reducing the wear and tear of friction.

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Got Dirty Floors? Inc.

How an Arizona hard-surface restoration business keeps rust at bay with QMaxx FRESH

Clean-up’s never been a problem for business owner Henry Horta. Protecting his investment in expensive equipment? Well that’s another story. And when you own the business, down time is a day you don’t get paid. But with QMaxx FRESH Horta’s found a way to spend more time working and less time repairing equipment.

ACUI Collegiate Clay Targets Program

Cleaning Competitors’ Guns with QMaxx Black Diamond Saves the ACUI Collegiate Clay Targets Program $1000s

When it comes to autoloader shotguns, Russ Arnold, Executive Director of Shooting Sports Consulting says, “Don’t just clean it, clean it right. And clean it with QMaxx.” As the coordinator for the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) Collegiate Clay Targets program, Russ Arnold knows what he’s talking about. He also has the empirical evidence to support his admonition. Using QMaxx Black Diamond gun cleaning oil is saving the Clay Targets program between $2,000 and $3,000 annually at the ACUI Collegiate Championships.

Downeast Gunworks

QMaxx BLU, The Gunsmith’s Choice to Protect Against Rust and Corrosion

As a certified master gunsmith and owner of Downeast Gunworks in Milbridge, Maine, Jim Green is equally familiar with the rust and corrosion that rain, snow, humidity and fresh and salt water can cause: “Every gun leaves my shop with a treatment of BLU or Black Diamond because it may be years before I see that gun again. QMaxx gives my customers’ firearms a little extra protection.”