Meet National Champion Remington McBee

At QMaxx, we’re proud to introduce you to Remington McBee, an exciting young competitive shooter who is breaking clay across the United States and beyond.

We’re especially delighted that Remington has agreed to share some of his pro tips with you. These are the kinds of tips that will help you boost your scores regardless your game.

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Top Shooter Shares Mental and Physical Tips

Remington is the two-time ACUI International Skeet champion. He was Schreiner University’s first ACUI National Champion-Individual (2014). And in 2018 he closed his collegiate career as a member of Schreiner’s ACUI National Championship team.

Remington is a six-time NRA All-American and member of the 2012 4-H National Team. In 2016, he placed 6th in the Olympic Games Trials; he looks forward to representing USA at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Trained to Help

Remington isn’t just a winning shooter. He has a degree in psychology with a focus on sports psychology from Schreiner University. He also coaches young shooters for competition. So he knows how to share his skills and insight.

Pro Tips

Now you can learn the hold points, visualization, smooth movement, mental focus tips and more that distinguish great shooters from the rest of the pack. We hope you’ll sign up today.


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