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Are you thinking, what’s the point of rust proofing? Well stop thinking! Complacency is costing you money on repairs and replacements. And that’s money you can save or spend on something else.

Don’t wait for rust and corrosion to destroy your lawnmower, ruin your favorite screwdriver, wreck your automobile, pit your aluminum lawn furniture, corrode your outboard motor or damage expensive sports gear. There is a better way. And it’s called QMaxx.


When it comes to our homes and vehicles, we understand the importance of preventative action.


We paint our homes to prevent the siding from rotting. We treat building foundations to keep them water and mold resistant. We schedule regular maintenance for our automobiles. And we install smoke and fire detectors…just in case.

Same thing with our vehicles. We schedule regular

maintenance for our automobiles. This ranges from tire rotation, oil changes and filter replacements to brake inspection and wheel alignment.

These small expenditures can save us thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements.

If you’re not taking similar preventative action against rust and corrosion, you’re leaving yourself open to the single most expensive source of long-term damage and destruction.

Consider this...

Cost of Japan's Earthquake and Tsunami...$235B

The World Bank put the cost of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami at $235 billion.


Cost of Katrina...$108B

The National Hurricane Center estimated the cost of damage from Hurricane Katrina to be $108 billion plus an economic impact of $250 billion.

rust post.jpg

Annual Cost of Rust and Corrosion in USA...$1T

And yet, every year rust and corrosion costs the United States more than $1 trillion in direct and indirect costs. And those costs are growing annually.

QMaxx rust proofing and anti-corrosion products protect your investments and save money on costly repairs and replacements.


The QMaxx family of proprietary formulations are engineered to deliver superior penetration for cleaning and dissolving surface rust and freeing rust-frozen parts.


QMaxx lubricates without Teflon or silicone and creates a dry-to-the-touch barrier that won’t pick up the dirt, debris or particulate matter that causes wear and tear.


But what puts QMaxx in a class of its own is the patented water-displacement technology and molecular-level bonding between QMaxx and metal. As a result:

  • Water cannot get between QMaxx and metal surfaces because QMaxx is heavier than water. It displaces moisture, thus stopping the rust and corrosion cycle.

  • QMaxx creates a long-lasting, invisible barrier that won’t crack or scratch off. Unlike traditional physical barriers (oils, paints, primers and coatings), QMaxx bonds with metal surfaces.


Apply QMaxx to prevent: Aluminum door frames from pitting. Steel door sills from rusting. Door hinges from squeaking. Sliders will glide on their tracks. Hard water? Use QMaxx FRESH to clean and protect bath fixtures from lime deposits and shower doors from soap film and water spots. Every Fall, spray door locks exposed to winter elements with QMaxx ICE and forget about frozen locks all winter.


Use QMaxx on metal lawn furniture, barbeque grill boxes (not the cooking grates), garden tools, wheelbarrows, lawnmowers and chain saws. Protect your outdoor generator or HVAC unit with QMaxx. And outdoor landscape lighting fixtures last longer with regular treatments of QMaxx.


Keep your hand and power tools rust and corrosion free and operating at peak performance. Drilling, cutting and tapping is faster and more efficient when QMaxx Cutting Fluid is applied to blades and drill bits. Keep work surfaces on table saws, joiners, drill presses and planers clean and rust free.


Protect chain or screw-drive garage door units with QMaxx H20. Treat your car’s fenders, bumpers, wheels and undercarriage with QMaxx SALT. Keep motorcycle chains rust-free and dirt-free with QMaxx H20. And don’t forget to rust proof your ATVs, RVs and trailers.


Sport’s gear is expensive. Protect firearms, ATVs, snowmobiles and fishing tackle with QMaxx for years of use. For most situations, trust QMaxx BLU and Black Diamond. Saltwater boaters, anglers and duck hunters rely on QMaxx SALT. In winter, prevent snow and ice buildup on snowmobiles and ice fishing gear with QMaxx ICE.


Regular application of QMaxx is all you need for rust proofing and anti-corrosion protection on metals everywhere…EXCEPT on surfaces that come in contact with food and beverages.

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