Welcome Retailers…Wholesalers…QMaxx Corrosion Inhibitor Dealers…Rust Prevention Distributors!

If you’re interested in becoming a QMaxx  dealer or distributor, we’d like to speak with you. If you already sell QMaxx and require marketing materials, scroll down to the section entitled QMaxx Marketing and Branding.

Join our QMaxx Family of Corrosion Inhibitor Dealers and Rust Prevention Distributors

Together we deliver solutions. If you have shelf space for patented water-displacement technology that truly works. And if you want your customers to use a product that keeps water away from metal surfaces and interrupts the rust cycle, then you need to be selling the QMaxx family of products.

QMaxx Gives You…

  • 21st-century technology—Only QMaxx offers true water displacement then bonds with metal atoms to create a durable barrier against rust and corrosion.
  • An all-in-one solution—QMaxx does it all. Every product delivers superior cleaning, lubrication and metal protection while it prevents rust and corrosion.
  • Formulations for specific tasks and environmental conditions—The QMaxx family of products is engineered for maximum effectiveness under extreme environmental and working conditions.
  • A variety of sizes and applicators—QMaxx is available in pump and trigger sprays, aerosol cans, wipes, lube pens, gallon cans and 55-gallon drums.
  • Responsive customer support—QMaxx sales, marketing and support staff are just a phone call or email away.
  • Growing market recognition—QMaxx products receive 5-star reviews and testimonials from consumer and industrial users alike.
  • Strong branding—QMaxx supports its dealers and distributors with videos, blogs, sales and display materials and a relationships with popular spokespeople in key markets. And there’s more in development.

If you’re ready to join the QMaxx family of corrosion inhibitor dealers and rust prevention distributors, please go to the Contact QMaxx page and fill out the web form. Or call our corporate headquarters today at 888-389-9455.

QMaxx Marketing and Branding

To help you develop marketing materials, signage and event banners, you can download the QMaxx Media Kit and logos. For your convenience, the sell sheets are available in several formats…for websites, email attachments, printed handouts and even in a format you can customize with your own contact information. This page is password protected; if you forget the password, please call 888-389-9455.