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Take the QMaxx Challenge: Clean Your Gun with Your Old CLP, Then Clean It Again Using QMaxx…

You’ll be amazed at what your old CLP or gun oil left behind.

It’s Gregory Ferguson here, and there’s a reason I switched to QMaxx BLU.

I love the incredible cleaning power of QMaxx. It cleans my gun thoroughly and without a lot of effort. NO heavy scrubbing. NO soaking in the product for hours.

I just spray on a small amount to get great results.

I encourage you to try the QMaxx challenge: After your next event or practice session, clean your gun with your old favorite. Clean it carefully. When you think it’s clean, spray it down with QMaxx, wipe with a white cloth and run a patch down the barrel. You’ll be shocked.

And that’s not all. The long-term protection you get against oxidation (rust) and friction is the best I’ve seen.

I hope you’ll try QMaxx:

  • BLU – Best for steel, blued and case-hardened metal
  • Black Diamond – Best for black guns and for reducing the friction on choke threads
  • Military Grade CLP – The new MilSpec-certified gun oil with extra viscosity and higher flashpoint

Go ahead, put QMaxx to the test. Not only will you be glad you did, you’ll want to share the results with everyone you know…just like I am.

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I use QMaxx BLU. And because it dries quickly and remains dry to the touch, my Kolar doesn't pick up the gunk--dust, grit or anything in the air--that grease and other oils collect. Plus, cleanup is a breeze. With just a small amount of the product and NO heavy scrubbing, I get great results.
- Gregory Ferguson, Competitive Shooter

QMaxx Has 100s (Maybe 1000s) of Applications

QMaxx is so much more than a great gun cleaning oil. It’s a versatile, 4-in-1 cleaner, lubricant and rust protectant. Great for boats, fishing gear, vehicles, lawn and garden equipment, machinery in the workshop as well as industrial applications.

If it’s made of metal, you need QMaxx.

QMaxx core technology is engineered into every product.

So why is there more than one version of QMaxx?

I’ve asked the folks at QMaxx Products Group this very question, and their answer wowed me.

While the core technology is the same, each formula is carefully balance for a specific task–heavy duty industrial applications, ice and snow conditions, saltwater or fresh water. You get the point. The formula is tweaked to deliver the best results for the application.

In other words, instead of throwing the kitchen sink into a “one type serves all” formula, QMaxx uses only the ingredients in the amounts necessary…and NO more…for each product.

That’s the kind of precision and thoughtfulness I appreciate.

The QMaxx Edge

When it comes to cleaning, lubricating and fighting rust and corrosion, all QMaxx products are in a class by itself. QMaxx BLU, Black Diamond and Military Grade CLP are engineered to:

  • Displace Water--QMaxx is heavier than water. so it literally pushes water away from surfaces.
  • Bond with Metal--QMaxx bonds molecularly with metal to create a durable, long-lasting barrier against rust-causing elements.
  • Remain Dry to Touch--QMaxx is never gummy or oily so it won't pick up dirt, sand or particulates.
  • Work in Extreme Conditions--QMaxx products are specially formulated for the toughest jobs.
  • Do It All in One Can--QMaxx is the 4-in-1 formula that cleans, lubricates, protects metal and prevents rust and corrosion.
  • Work Better Over Time--The more you use QMaxx products, the better they protect and the easier your cleanup.

Here are a couple videos I grabbed from YouTube that show just how great QMaxx works…and why:

Get the 4-in-1 CLP

  • Uses Patented Water-Displacement Technology
  • Dissolves and Cleans Existing Rust & Corrosion
  • Molecularly Bonds to Metal to Create a Powerful Barrier that Protects Against Rust & Corrosion
  • Prevents Snow and Ice Buildup on Winter Gear
  • Pushes Moisture Away from Surfaces--Even Standing Water
  • Lubricates Moving Parts
  • Protects Everything Metal
  • Meets Environmental Standards

The QMaxx family of products clean, lubricate and protect to extend the life of metal parts, machinery and equipment. QMaxx ICE, SALT, H2O, Industrial Strength and additional products are formulated for the toughest environmental and working conditions. And in addition to standard pumps and aerosols, QMaxx is available in several applicators. QMaxx trigger spray bottles target product precisely where you want it. QMaxx Wipes are tough, convenient, 7″ x 9″ pre-moistened towelettes that are perfect to stash in your pocket, shooting vest or range bag. Black Diamond and BLU Lube Pens combine pinpoint application with a tough scrubbing tip–perfect for cleaning tight spaces in the actions of firearms.

And be sure to check out the new QMaxx Military Grade CLP MilSpec-Certified Oil. It passed the DoD’s rigorous 22 laboratory tests and live-fire field tests. Military Grade delivers EXTRA viscosity, HIGHER flashpoint and environmental protection.

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