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Rust and corrosion are at work 24-7-365. You need the anti-rust spray defense and corrosion inhibitor that is on the job around the clock. QMaxx.

Once you consider the costs associated with rust and corrosion, selecting the most effective

corrosion inhibitor becomes one of the smartest investments you can make.


And once you factor in the limitations of most so-called solutions, the QMaxx family of corrosion inhibitors that clean, lubricate, protect and prevent rust and corrosion become the obvious choice. Consider...


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The cost of rust and corrosion impacts government and private sector alike and has a direct cost on the ability to do business.

Using the original 2002 NACE breakdown of percentages by sector, today’s trillion-dollar cost estimates look like this:

  • Government $146 billion

  • Infrastructure $164 billion

  • Utilities $347 billion

  • Transportation $215 billion

  • Production and Manufacturing $128 billion

Given the exploding costs, we need to make rust and corrosion inhibitors a priority. Every industry. Government department. Manufacturer. Farmer. Heavy machinery operator.


In 2002, the U.S. Federal Highway Administration and NACE International released as two-year study of the cost of rust and corrosion. At that time, the direct costs were estimated at around $276 billion, or 3.1% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). And that’s annually!

Direct costs include material selection, protective technology, corrosion allowance (to compensate for rust and corrosion) and the full range of management and maintenance expenses (inspection, treatment, repair and replacement). Direct costs also include downtime on the job due to machine breakdowns and lost business.

Many experts further estimate that indirect costs account for an additional 3.1% GDP. These include cost overruns, penalties and potential litigation due downtime, accidents and missed deadlines.

As shocking as the 2002 numbers may seem, the direct and indirect costs have continued to climb. Houston-based metallurgical consultants G2MT Laboratories now estimate the combined direct and indirect costs at more than $1 trillion.


Just because rust and corrosion are naturally occurring chemical processes is no reason to accept oxidation and rust damage as a normal course of doing business. That’s where QMaxx rust and corrosion inhibitors come into play.

QMaxx breaks the rust and corrosion cycle. And does it better than traditional physical barrier products and more cost-effectively than rust-resistant materials:


·       Physical barriers (primarily paints, primers, oils and coatings) are easily scratched. And once the slightest patch of bare metal is exposed the rust and corrosion process begins. Plus, when applying a barrier coating it’s extremely difficult to prevent moisture from becoming trapped between the metal and coating. That’s all it takes for rust and corrosion to start long before you can even see it.

·       Resistant materials (plastics, non-ferrous metals, high-tech compounds) offer the promise of solutions, but are not without problems and compromises. Plastics won’t rust, but they can breakdown and often are not as strong and durable as steel. Non-ferrous metals are susceptible to oxidation—corrosion, pitting and/or tarnishing. And the newest high-tech materials with promise can be price-prohibitive for standard industrial and infrastructure applications.


The QMaxx family of rust and corrosion-fighting formulas clean and remove surface rust, lubricate moving parts and protect and prevent rust and corrosion. QMaxx is both effective and affordable.


The QMaxx family of proprietary formulations are scientifically balanced to be BOTH aggressive enough to fight rust and corrosion and safe for the environment, electronics and delicate equipment. QMaxx products are engineered to meet a wide variety of extreme environmental and industrial conditions. Here are just a few of the ways our customers are matching QMaxx formulations to specific industrial applications:

·       QMaxx Industrial Strength—The indispensable, go-to product when working with heavy machinery, farming or manufacturing equipment. Dissolves rust. Reduces repairs and replacements and helps keep your jobs on schedule.

·       QMaxx H20—The ideal choice when operating equipment with chain drives or fast-moving parts. Stands up to heavy use. Lubricates. Fights rust and corrosion. Won’t fling off at high speeds.

·       QMaxx ICE—Operate equipment at peak performance in snow, ice and extremely low temperatures. Same QMaxx lubrication and corrosion protection…plus ICE prevents snow and ice buildup. Ideal for snow removal equipment, ski lifts and OTR trucking.

·       QMaxx SALT—Maximum rust and corrosion prevention against saltwater and road salt damage. Treat boats, trailers, tackle and vehicles as well as truck frame rails, trailer tandems, S-cams, fifth-wheel locking mechanism and more.

·       QMaxx FRESH—Professional hard-surface and carpet cleaning services and every business that exposes its machinery to water every working day can rely on FRESH to keep equipment rust-free and their businesses up and running.

·       QMaxx BLU and QMaxx Black Diamond—Professional gunsmiths trust their customers’ as well as their own firearms to QMaxx gun cleaning oils. Many  firearms manufacturers recommend (and even private label) QMaxx CLPs to protect their firearms.

·       QMaxx Cutting Fluid—Fabricators, machinists and drilling operations use QMaxx Cutting Fluid to 1) increase the life of cutting blades and bits and 2) reduce stress and friction while cutting, drilling or milling. Reduces heat buildup. Prevents rust and corrosion. Speeds processing times.

·       QMaxx P&L—Penetrate deep into metal pores, cracks and crevices to break up rust and corrosion, loosen rust-frozen parts and prevent problems in the future.



Do you have special project that requires a custom formulation of QMaxx? Customers turn to the QMaxx research and development team when they have a unique application that can benefit from our patented water-displacement and anti-corrosion technologies.

We can reverse engineer and redesign QMaxx products to create custom formulations that meet your specific requirements for extreme environmental conditions, heavy-duty rust and corrosion inhibitors, protection for delicate parts, maximum penetration or lubrication. We can engineer QMaxx to meet your most exacting industrial applications. QMaxx chemists can provide:

·       Reformulations

·       Environmental Optimizations*

·       Specific-Use Applications

·       Performance Tolerances

·       Proprietary Blends

*Optimization initiatives result in proof-of-concept application

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