Why I Use QMaxx Products

I’m Max Armstrong. If you’re a farmer or rancher, you probably know me as the co-host of This Week in Agribusiness. I also have a small farm, which gives me a chance to use and test the products I talk about.

Recently, the folks at QMaxx Products called to get my reaction to their products. Fact is, I’ve been putting the QMaxx family of products to the test around my own farm for about two years. As I explained to them, I look upon the QMaxx Products line of water-displacing rust preventatives as long-lasting metal protection. These products are as important as any of the tools I rely on…so much so that I keep cans everywhere. Especially Industrial Strength. I have cans in all my vehicles, farm equipment, barn and other outbuildings.

“One thing I’ve discovered about QMaxx is that you need to make sure you have enough on hand. I went looking for a can of QMaxx the other day and found that my wife was using it in the house. That’s why my advice is to have plenty on hand because sooner or later someone is going to borrow your QMaxx.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that when any of your machinery breaks down, it can cost you a lot more than the price of the repair. Dr.  Mark Hanna at Iowa State University, estimated that just one day of downtime at harvest time can cost $500. And during planting time, it can cost you a whopping $1400 a day.

For this reason–and because QMaxx can help farmers and ranchers avoid many of the problems that lead to breakdowns and downtime–I’m hooked on these products.

If you haven’t tried any of the QMaxx Products family of rust-fighters, I invite you to try them. I’m so sure you’ll be as impressed as I am that I have a complimentary 10% discount that you can use to purchase any of the QMaxx family of products.

Max Armstrong trusts QMaxx Products
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What folks are saying about QMaxx

Only QMaxx does it all:

  • Uses Patented Water-Displacement Technology
  • Dissolves and Cleans Existing Rust & Corrosion
  • Bonds to Metal to Create a Powerful Rust Barrier
  • Lubricates Moving Parts
  • Protects Everything Metal
  • Meets Environmental Standards

Why Does QMaxx Products Offer a Family of Products?

I’ve noticed that when I have a problem, I reach for a can of QMaxx. And pretty much any of the QMaxx products seems to solve my problem. So I asked the folks at QMaxx Products why they need different formulas. Their answer really impressed me. Here’s what they said:

It’s true that all of our products are All-in-One solutions designed to clean, lubricate, prevent rust and corrosion and protect metal. At QMaxx Products we have developed and patented a proprietary core technology that is the basis of every product. However, different environmental conditions (such as ice and snow and the extra corrosive properties of saltwater) as well as different tasks are best solved with minor adjustments to our formula.

By tweaking the formula to best meet specific work and environmental conditions, we can minimize the number of ingredients. Just as you wouldn’t use a sledge hammer when a ball-peen hammer will do the job…so too with our products.

Use Coupon Code MAX10′ at checkout to save 10% on your order!