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Meet The Family

QMaxx Products Group has more than a dozen years of research, development and hands-on experience in understanding what is required to keep metal surfaces clean, dry, lubricated and corrosion free. All QMaxx formulas displace water and create a long-lasting barrier to keep moisture away from tools, equipment and metal infrastructure exported to the rust-causing elements.

Each QMaxx formula is scientifically formulated to provide the ideal balance between performance and safety.

QMaxx is a silicone-free formula. There is never a buildup, and it dries quickly, ensuring surfaces are never tacky or greasy.

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Supported and endorsed by leading gun manufacturers. BLU is the premium 1-step cleaner, lubricant and rust/corrosion preventative. Protects steel parts and manufacturer bluing. 

Black Diamond with NANOMAXX diamond technology delivers smooth, friction-free action. The powerful, carbon-cleaning agent removes carbon and powder buildup.

Both deliver QMaxx water displacement.

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QMAXX Industrial Strength

Our extreme rust solvent formula is an industrial-grade penetrant geared to dissolve the worst rust. Designed for heavy-duty projects--delivering maximum protection for industrial equipment, tools, wheel hubs, and conveyors. It restores and maintains performance of electrical connectors, agriculture and lawn equipment, mining and drilling machines, auto and truck trailers.


The ultimate in saltwater protection is specially formulated for inhibiting saltwater corrosion in all marine applications. Perfect for challenging marine maintenance and the Number One water displacement technology to repel moisture on electrical systems and motors. Prevents saltwater corrosion on metal surfaces for more than 145 hours of exposure. Great for fishing equipment and ocean-going boats.

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ICE provides an extreme barrier against ice build up and is specially formulated to displace ice and water in extreme conditions down to -50° F/-46° C. Improves performance and reliability of outdoor equipment in extreme weather, including snowmobiles, snow blowers, blades, snow plows and the associated electrical systems. Stops snow and ice accumulation on satellite dishes, metal roofs and overhangs.

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QMaxx FRESH is the ultimate, multi-purpose freshwater cleaner and lubricant that uses QMaxx water displacement technology to protect against rust, calcium corrosion and hard-water mineral buildup. FRESH also prevents oxidation on aluminum parts and reduces algae buildup on pontoons.

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Our extreme water displacing lubricant and corrosion inhibitor is ideal for long-term storage. It performs under the worst conditions. Stops corrosion on internal and external surfaces of engines and other metal parts during storage.

Lubricates, protects and dissolves rust on winches, pulleys, chains and slide-out systems for operation at peak performance.

QMAXX Superior

The Superior Tested Formula is the ideal general purpose household penetrating spray for house, shop and garage. The unique penetrating power dissolves rust, protects and lubricates metal and displaces water. 

Penetrates and frees rusted bolts and parts and lubricates locks, latches and hinges.

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Our Penetrating & Lubricating oil is designed to lubricate locks, bolts and moving parts. NANOMAXX technology helps P&L achieve maximum penetration. Plus the nano diamonds act as natural ball bearings.

P&L cuts through the toughest corrosion to loosen seized parts and reduces friction on moving parts by up to 200%!

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