The MilSpec CLP You’ve Been Waiting For!

If you use QMaxx Gun Cleaning Oils, you know how effectively our 4-in-1 products perform. Now welcome the newest member of the QMaxx gun oil family…QMaxx MilSpec Certified CLP.

We call it Military Grade CLP.

Our QMaxx Military Grade CLP is certified for DoD and NATO competitive procurement and use.

And now the same MilSpec-certified CLP is available to you.

With QMaxx BLU…Black Diamond…and Military Grade CLP…we definitely have the right gun cleaning oil for all your needs.

QMaxx MILITARY GRADE CLP is the clear choice

Our Military Grade CLP carries on the QMaxx tradition for great gun oils:

  • MilSpec Certified: Listed for DoD and NATO procurement as MIL-PRF-63460(F) Type “A” and NATO S-758, respectively.
  • Patented Water Displacement: Features the QMaxx core technology to extend the life of metal.
  • Superior Anti-Corrosion: Provides the same corrosion protection and prevention you expect from QMaxx.
  • Extra Viscosity: Meets DoD requirements for superior lubricity that is engineered to hold up under the toughest conditions and prevent the friction that puts wear and tear on moving parts.
  • Environmental Protection: Meets rigorous DoD environmental requirements.
  • Higher Flashpoint: Functions effectively under the heat of heavy fire
  • Meets and/or exceeds control CLP under rigorous field and laboratory conditions.

QMaxx Mil-Spec CLP meets and/or exceeds control CLP under rigorous field and laboratory conditions:

  • Live Fire Test (cold) -- QMaxx averaged 16.3% higher than minimum requirement: The M249 machine gun "exhibited a rate of fire of 851 and 786 rounds per minute in each of the two 100 round cycles..." with ZERO stoppages. The minimum is 650 rounds per minute.
  • Salt Spray Test -- QMaxx averaged 26% longer than minimum requirement.
  • QMaxx Mil-Spec CLP conforms on all 22 performance metrics, including viscosity, flashpoint and environmental protection
  • Certified for "DoD competitive procurement and use."