“The Next Job for U.S. Corn? Protecting Military Guns”
 September 25, 2017

National Corn Growers Association announces the association with QMaxx and the development of highly effective, environmentally responsible corn-based gun oils that provide maximum rust and corrosion protection..

Florida Sportsman
 “Outboard Care”
 January 2016

On page 16 of the issue, author shown spraying QMaxx SALT on outboard motor to prevent rust and corrosion.

Florida Sport Fishing
 “QMaxx SALT Wipes”
 November 2, 2015

Florida Sport Fishing posts QMaxx announcement about SALT Wipes–the anti-corrosion products for boats, trailers, fishing gear and more.

The Outdoor Wire
 “QMaxx SALT Corrosion Resistance”
 October 15, 2015

The Outdoor Wire posts QMaxx press release about SALT.

Shotgun World
 “Anybody Use QMaxx BLU Lube?” 
July 17, 2015

Users on this thread agree, QMaxx works as advertised.

Distributing of Cape

Testimonials collected by one of our distributors.

 “Gun Care”

 “DDIW: QMaxx Gun Cleaner”
 April 8, 2015

Reviewer Joe Ford was “impressed” with the BLU gun oil. He also put Industrial Strength through a Rust Challenge on a bolt. While it worked, Ford was hoping for instant results. He did note that the instructions warn that some things may need to soak overnight.
 “QMaxx Gun Oil” January 25, 2015

As described at the 2015 SHOT Show.

KFVS “Does It Work: Q-Maxx Products” November 4, 2014

Includes video showing QMaxx being tested on firearms and rusty parts.

Shotgun World “QMAXX Lubricants and MULLER CHOKES…Winning Combo” September 18, 2013

Jimmy Muller shares his customers’ experience using QMaxx on their choke tubes.
 “Q20 BLU by QMaxx” 
August 16, 2013

The comments suggest a lot of discriminating shooters are very happy with BLU gun oil.

Shotgun World
 “Q20 Blu & Black Diamond”
 August 5, 2013

This forum thread provides a lot of honest critiques and independent testimonials for QMaxx BLU and Black Diamond.

SHOT Business
 “QMaxx–New Lubricant–Q20 Black Diamond”
 May 2013

Quick blurb post the 2003 NSSF Shot Show.

Mac & Prowler
 “Product Review: QMaxx Q20 Products”

Texas shooters Mac & Prowler put QMaxx products through their paces and come out believers. And their pal Dustin Warncke created a video review.

The Outdoor Wire
 “Q20 Debuts Black Diamond 4 in 1 Lubrication” 
January 17, 2013

The Outdoor Wire reviews Black Diamond at the 2013 SHOT Show.

Shotgun World
 “QMaxx Lubricants and MULLER CHOKES…winning combo” 
March 23, 2012

Jimmy Muller talks about BLU and Black Diamond and how it works with shotguns, chokes and more. Gotta love it when one person tries BLU a second time and announces “…Black is the bomb.”