“One thing I’ve discovered about QMaxx,” says Max Armstrong, “is that you need to make sure you have enough on hand. I went looking for a can of QMaxx the other day and found that my wife was using it in the house. My advice is to have plenty on hand because sooner or later your spouse is going to take your QMaxx.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that when any of your machinery breaks down, it can cost you a lot more than the price of the repair. Dr.  Mark Hanna at Iowa State University, estimated that just one day of downtime at harvest time can cost $500. And during planting time, it can cost you a whopping $1400 a day.

For this reason…and because QMaxx can help farmers and ranchers avoid many of the problems that lead to breakdowns and downtime…we brought QMaxx to Max the Farmer. And we’re happy to report that he’s hooked.

It’s time for you to try QMaxx.

Use Coupon Code ‘FARM’ at checkout to save 10% on your order!
Max Armstrong for QMaxx
Max the Farmer Uses QMaxx
Make sure you have enough on hand...because sooner or later your wife's going to take your your can of QMaxx...says Max the Farmer

What folks are saying about QMaxx

Only QMaxx does it all:

  • Uses Patented Water-Displacement Technology
  • Dissolves and Cleans Existing Rust & Corrosion
  • Bonds to Metal to Create a Powerful Rust Barrier
  • Lubricates Moving Parts
  • Protects Everything Metal
  • Meets Environmental Standards

Max Has a Special Offer for You

Between now and the end of the Husker Harvest Days, Max Armstrong wants you to be able to order QMaxx online and receive the show discount. Just click the buttons on this page for automatic discount or use coupon code FARM when you check out of the QMaxx online store. You’ll instantly receive a 10% discount on your whole order. So August and September are the perfect time to try QMaxx for the first time…or stock up on your favorite QMaxx products.

Putting QMaxx to the Test

If you’re attending either the Farm Progress show or Husker Harvest Days, be sure to stop by the QMaxx booth. We’d love to meet you. We’re happy to discuss some of the applications for QMaxx that every farmer and rancher needs to know about.

Plus, we’ll be holding the QMaxx Rust Challenge. We love for people to bring us the rustiest tools, firearms and machine parts to challenge QMaxx to break through the rust and get them moving again.

Bring us your rusty tools or just come by and watch us work on other people’s rusty items. The QMaxx Rust Challenge is always fun.

Here’s where to find us at the shows:

  • Farm Progress: Booth VITS7208
  • Husker Harvest Days: Booth DIBW1802
Use Coupon Code ‘FARM’ at checkout to save 10% on your order!