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QMaxx Testimonials


At QMaxx, we encourage you to tell us about your experiences using our products. And while we love to hear your praise, we encourage you to send us your critical remarks aw well. In part, that’s how we grow as a company. But it also may be as simple as helping you use the right product for your task.


Whatever the case, we learn more about our products and new applications from our customers than anyone else. So, please keep those emails and letters coming. You may provide us with your comments by visiting our Contact Page (LINK).



QMaxx Industrial Strength


QMaxx…superior to any products I have used in the past 30+ years


I farm in Manson, Iowa. I have tried and tested some of the QMaxx products. One of them I have really been impressed with is QMaxx ICE barrier; I have never seen a product that you have been able to spray on metal and use it for snow removal and not have snow stick to the bucket or blade of a tractor. This product is amazing, and I will keep using it.


Another product I have tried is QMaxx Industrial Strength penetrating solvent. I’m amazed at how it can loosen rusty nuts off bolts in a matter of time by just letting it penetrate into the rust.


The QMaxx H2O chain lubrication also works very well to lubricate chains on planters and combines. Once we’re done with equipment, we brush this product on the chains to keep them from rusting in the off-season.


One last product I would like to mention is QMaxx BLU for dissolving rust. I have a couple of guns that have rust on the barrels. By simply rubbing this onto the guns, letting it sit for a while and buffing it
back down, I was amazed how it took the rust off the barrels.


These products are superior to any other products I have used in the past 30+ years of farming. I will continue to use these products because I think they are well worth the money I spent on them.


Jon Peters
Farmer, Manson, Iowa



…great success our family had with QMaxx


Dear QMaxx,


I would like to tell you about a great success our family had with QMaxx! I kept looking at the metal towel hanger in our guest bathroom that had completely rusted. The bathroom door had developed a nasty squeak so I went to get my can of QMaxx Industrial Strength. Having become familiar with the product, as a rust/corrosion preventative I wondered how it would do for rust removal. After a squirt to the hinges for the squeak I sprayed the towel rack while I went to retrieve some rags and steel wool. When I came back I rubbed the towel rack with the steel wool. I sprayed some extra on the steel wool as I went and kept rubbing. Well, it only took a total of 30 minutes to get it completely clean, without much effort. I rubbed some QMaxx on the surface when finished cleaning up, to help prevent the rust in the highly saturated main floor bathroom that hosts showers everyday. I will let you know how it does. I am happy to report that the door no longer squeaks either!! I know this is a mundane, small scale success, but wanted to pass it on.


Jennifer C.
Customer at Knoxville Nationals in Iowa



…QMaxx actually outperformed the cutting torch


QMaxx really is a superior product. We had a situation where we could not get something off with a cutting torch but QMaxx Industrial Strength was able to succeed in 5 minutes! Crazy to understand, but QMaxx actually outperformed the cutting torch in the situation presented to us.


Jerry L.,
Auto Shop Manager



…[QMaxx] truly is the best thing we have ever seen


I have talked to other managers at other locations and we all feel that this product truly is the best thing we have ever seen. Expect us to be ordering QMaxx Industrial Strength for a long time.


Damon D., Auto Shop Regional Manager



…QMaxx well exceeded our expectations


After performing a few tests with QMaxx Industrial Strength, the product we received at a manager’s meeting a few weeks ago, I am gladly able to say QMaxx well exceeded our expectations. Since I have only one can of it, I have to hide it away from my mechanics so they do not fight over it.


Rick J.,
Auto Shop Manager



QMaxx Industrial Strength is one amazing product


Since we opened our shop in 1977, I have not found a better product. QMaxx Industrial Strength is one amazing product. I do not know how you guys did it but keep up the good work and expect us to keep buying it till the day we close up shop.


Dennis S., Auto Shop Owner



Since purchasing your product my mechanics have not even mentioned the word Kroil


Here at Caterpillar we need products to work quick and effectively. The product my mechanics always believed in was Kroil. Turns out they were wrong. We had a piece of equipment and we put Kroil on this part for two days to get it loose and it would not do the job. We took a can of your QMaxx Industrial Strength and by the time we were back from lunch we were able to get the part undone by using only our bare hands…Since purchasing your product my mechanics have not even mentioned the word Kroil to me. All they are interested in now is what other products QMaxx has to offer. You have definitely impressed us!


Pat L., Parts Manager



…[QMaxx Industrial Strength] blew PB Blaster out of the water


Before running into QMaxx at the Knoxville Speedway I was a firm believer of PB Blaster. I would spray PB Blaster on the engaging assembly for the mower deck on my lawnmower and it would last a day or two. I decided to try out the QMaxx Industrial Strength product I received and to my amazement it blew PB Blaster out of the water. Not only has QMaxx continued to lubricate the engaging assembly for the mower deck on my lawnmower, but I have not had problems with my lawnmower for months. I am truly amazed and I am excited to see what else I can try QMaxx on because I know how well it truly works.


Joe Freidel,
 World of Outlaws Chief Mechanic





QMaxx BLU…the only solvent I enjoy using in my shop


I started using QMaxx BLU while in school at Trinidad State Jr. College. I recently opened up my own gunsmithing shop in Colorado Spings, CO, and I use QMaxx BLU religiously! Their product cleans shotguns, handguns, and rifles quickly and easily. I am blown away by how much this helps me in the shop and how much time it saves. I have never seen a solvent that removes fouling and carbon build up on a revolver cylinder so easily. Their products are bar-none and are the only solvent I enjoy using in my shop. I have been using it regularly for over a year and a half, and I have yet to see a solvent that does better!


Josiah Good, owner/operator
A Good Gunsmith, Colorado Springs, CO



QMaxx is my new best friend


Rohn, I wanted to take a few minutes and express how grateful I am for you walking into the Gunsmithing shop where I work. I literally do not use my ultrasonic cleaner anymore or any of the other gun cleaners and oils that I’ve used for 20 years. This product has saved me so much time in my job. QMaxx is my new best friend. Just today I was cleaning Cosmoline off a U.S. Springfield 1903 and I sprayed it down as a phone call was coming in. Once the conversation was complete, I sprayed the front side of the gun down again just to wet it, and the Cosmoline came right off. I love this product and I will use nothing else but QMaxx if I can help it. Thank you for bringing this into my toolbox.


James Woods
, Ambrose Armory, San Diego, CA



QMAXX BLU…10 out of 10


QMaxx BLU is absolutely one of the best gun cleaners I’ve used. It keeps my gun cleaned and oil in one application and keeps my gun from depositing any rust what so ever. I’d like to thank sales rep Capt. Lee Lansing for selling me this product–great guy and amazing pitchman. Ten out of 10 on this product.


A. Figueroa



…QMaxx BLU not only met our expectations but far exceeded them


The purpose of this letter is to personally and professionally endorse QMaxx BLU as a firearm lubricant and a rust preventative. As the Gun Shop Manager of Browning and Winchester, I with the help of other shop employees, conducted extensive testing of different brands of lubricant. We were specifically looking for a lubricant we could use on our firearms on a daily basis. In addition to our own needs, I have been contacted by several customers using our firearms in coastal regions with concerns of oxidation (rust) from saltwater contact. After a review of the salt water analysis and some tests of our own, we found QMaxx BLU not only met our expectations but far exceeded them. In our tests, one of our primary concerns was not only to find a rust preventative and a lubricant, but we sought to determine the effect of the product on our wood and camouflage finishes. Through our analysis we found no adverse effects. Currently, we have 18 gunsmiths in our repair facility repairing and inspecting guns on a daily basis, all have QMaxx BLU on their workbench and are pleased with the results. QMaxx BLU is a product we use in our shop as well as a product I use on my personal firearms. I would be more than happy to address any questions you may have regarding the use of QMaxx BLU.


John Slack
, Browning/Winchester Shop Manager



…most amazing solvent/lubricant I know of in existence


I would like to start this review by stating QMaxx is simply the most amazing solvent/lubricant I know of in existence. To be honest the product requires no further description, for once you use it you will instantly arrive at the same conclusion.


I now use QMaxx BLU Gun and Knife for any lubrication or solvent needs.

Everything from cleaning my firearms to sharpening knives and lubricating door hinges. It is almost as if the oil senses what you are using it for and adjusts its properties to be as effective as possible in that situation.


When cleaning my firearms it reduces the time and effort involved by more than 50%, reducing the number of passes I need to make with brushes and patches to achieve cleanliness. To protect the firearms I simply spray a light mist over all surfaces and wipe it off with a soft silicone cloth; I can then literally leave the weapon out in the rain and weather without concern.


To get knives beyond razor sharp spray the oil on a smooth glass surface and fine-tune the edge with it. The oil will even remain in such a fine layer on the blade that it will protect from oxidation and lubricate the cutting edge without leaving any residue. Be careful lubricating doors with QMaxx as they will swing when a fly runs into it.


What allows QMaxx to be so effective is a very unique property it possesses.

Where every other oil I know of is lighter than water; the specific gravity of QMaxx is actually heavier than water. This means it will not only protect from allowing water to penetrate anything, but it will actually get into the microscopic dimples (pores) in metal and push any existing moisture out.


Do yourself a favor and try this product, there is no doubt you will find it amazing.


Joseph S.,
Olney, IL



…everything you said it was


I fell into a river with my pistol. It has not worked since. I have sprayed and soaked it with every kind of penetrating oil on the market and none have worked. Sprayed the pistol with QMaxx and it fired 10 rounds without a hang up. We shot a video of the pistol hanging up, spraying it with QMaxx and loading it with 9 or 10 bullets and firing all the bullets after spraying it. I tried your product and found it to be everything you said it was.


Bill Henson, Mac and Prowler and co-host of Hunting the Hunters



QMaxx did the trick…


Hey Dave, I just thought I’d drop you a note about QMaxx. I bought a can of QMaxx BLU at the Kansas City Gun Show. I am an avid hunter and kind of a gadget freak, so I’m always looking for the next best thing. I think I found it in QMaxx. I recently went muzzleloader hunting in Northern Missouri. After a successful hunt, I failed to clean my gun for 3 days!!! Not necessarily a good idea with a muzzleloader, but I thought I’d put QMaxx to the test. I pulled the breach plug and it looked pretty bad. QMaxx did the trick, I sprayed it down and the fouling immediately started coming off. With little effort the breach plug looked brand new!! I’d never been able to get it so clean before. I used it in the barrel and it cleaned the residue that other solvents missed. It’s a great lubricant and it did a great job on cleaning my gun. I think I’ll give my can of Break Free away and stick with QMaxx!! I’ve been telling all my hunting buddies about it. What a great product! Thanks again.


Michael T., customer



QMaxx Black Diamond


…amazing success with QMaxx oils and lubricants


Hi everyone! I wanted to share this product with you because many people are having amazing success with QMaxx oils and lubricants. I, as well as many of my customers that use this oil on Müller Chokes, report that they stay even cleaner than before and they look better than new for a long time after applying this new, revolutionary oil. This BLU and/or Black Diamond oil cleans guns and prevents rust better than anything I have used in all my years in aerospace manufacturing, fishing and hunting. QMaxx and Müller have nothing to do with each other; I am only stating this to help my customers that are looking for the best cleaner and lubricator for their firearms, choke tubes, fishing and hunting equipment.


They are also the Official Gun Product for Team USA and it’s always nice to help support our friends and Team USA.


Jim Muller
, Müller Chokes, Springville, UT


Jim, the feeling is mutual! We are very proud that Müller Chokes thinks so highly of our product! It takes a great product to know one! QMaxx fans, please check out Müller’s website. ~ Dave McCreery



QMaxx Black Diamond…loved the dry feel…no signs of rust


I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you what a great product and awesome sales people you have. I met your man Capt. Lee Lansing at a gun show in Lakeland, FL a few months ago and was really impressed with him. He was a very good sales man but never came across as pushy like most salesmen. I only spoke to him for about 10 minutes but he left an excellent impression on me.


After speaking with Capt. Lansing, I got a bottle of Black Diamond gun cleaner to test out. I am a canine handler in a smaller Central Florida town and as you can imagine my duty pistol gets used and abused.


We carry stainless steel Sig Sauer P220s, and I’ve always had a problem with rust wanting to form on the none-stainless steel parts such as around the sights, the mag release, and under the grips every time the gun gets wet. It rains all the time in Florida, and when it’s not the humidity is very high. I’ve battled the rust for years and tried several different products to no avail. I just accepted the rust and strived to clean my pistol as soon after it got wet as I could.


I decided to give the QMaxx Black Diamond a try. I cleaned and treated my pistol with it prior to work one day and sure enough I got wet and covered in dirt during a track. I loved the dry feel and was very surprised when I went to clean my pistol. What little dirt was still on it blew right off and there were no signs of rust. All in all I am very impressed with your product and will surely order another bottle when I’ve emptied this one. I tell all my co-workers about it and let a few of them try it. They all seemed to be as impressed as I was. Since using it on my pistol I’ve now started treating my knives, duty gear, and patrol rifle with it and have been very pleased with the results. Thank you for an awesome product, and let Capt. Lansing know I said thanks.


Officer Michael Waldron



QMaxx is the only oil we use…


Hi Kathy, Yes we have been using the QMaxx BLU and the Black Diamond with very good results, we are very happy with it, and recommend it to all of our incoming students on their tool lists. One area that the QMaxx absolutely excels in is in cold temperature. We do cryogenic processing here at the college and QMaxx is the only oil we use on the parts that are going into the machine.


The process takes the guns down to -320 degrees F and holds them there for 24 hours, then takes the guns back up to either room temperature or we can take them up to +320 degrees, depending on the type of materials. Going thru this wide range of temperatures we pass thru the dew point twice, and parts will rust if not protected. The other oils we were using would not handle the temperature and as a result, if the parts were not re-oiled immediately they would rust.


The QMaxx does not come off and parts can be left in the processor and do not rust. I thought that was interesting, and hope you find it interesting as well. We look forward to using your product more this year as we are encouraging students to use it over other oils. The guys also seem to really like the QMaxx Black Diamond. Please check back with me periodically and I will keep you informed on our experiences. Thank you.


Chad M., Gunsmithing Instructor/NRA Coordinator
Murray State College



…I would recommend Black Diamond over any currently marketed aircraft lubricant/corrosion control agents


I have used Black Diamond on my aircraft flight control hinges, fittings, pulleys, and engine control cable housings. The results are much better than the typical aircraft lubricants, moisture proofing, or corrosion control, such as LVS, LPS, Corrosion X and pulley lubricants. I would recommend Black Diamond over any currently marketed aircraft lubricant/corrosion control agents.


Dean H.,
Aviation Expert





Wow Tony this stuff is killer!


I usually spray my fishing reels down with an expensive spray lubricant protectant before every trip, after I hose them all off at the end of the day I have to reapply it. With this stuff, after I sprayed it on it lasted for five trips already!!! We get our reels covered in blood and guts; if we don’t treat them first we have to scrub to get it off. So we always soak them with the spray before we use them. That nonsense can get pretty old after the 15th trip especially when we’re using 20 reels! I’m going to wait and see how many trips I can get without having to reapply it.


It’s really important for us to keep our reels looking like brand-new since we are sponsored by Accurate. Each reel runs around 500 bucks so we really want to take care of them.


Accurate tells people to use a product called GET SOME1000. They sent me a few cans, and I thought it worked pretty good. But this stuff is from another planet! I will definitely be recommending it [QMAXX] to them.


I also sprayed my aluminum rims with the SALT spray. Another sponsor of ours makes the aluminum rims, and after they get looking shabby in a couple years they swap them out. Usually after one year the steel hubs start to rust out onto the aluminum rims and they look like crap. I sprayed all four wheels down, it’s been five trips and they still bead off the salt water when I pulled out!!


I already found like 30 applications for this stuff…the list goes on and on. I love it!

We are re-lettering the boat right now as we speak, if you have vinyl lettering or decals made up already shoot them out! I’m sure this will be the start of a great relationship!! It really is a great product. I love that it’s made in the USA!! Every one of my sponsors makes their products in the United States!!

Thanks so much Tony!!


Mike Smedley,
 Old School Fishing Team



…never seen anything work as well as QMaxx SALT


We are very impressed with how well QMaxx SALT works for protecting the outboards on our charter boats as well as all of our fishing equipment and other various equipment we have laying around the marina. We constantly fight salt water and we have never seen anything work as well as QMaxx SALT.


Jim H.



…saltwater cannot penetrate it!


Our main job is to build high-performance engines for offshore drag racing vehicles as well as other various vehicles and I have never seen a product protect against salt water like QMaxx does. We spray it on the outside of the engine once the engine is completed and we have never seen such a product work as a complete barrier against salt on the manifolds and the exhaust pipes. It is amazing at how well it is keeping the engine clean; salt water cannot penetrate it!



Roger M.



…it truly is a saltwater displacement


I cannot tell you how many times we see boats coming into our shop that are completely ruined due to the salt water from getting into the engine or by corroding away at the engine. I can almost guarantee that QMaxx will be new product to keep that stuff from happening because it truly is a saltwater displacement and I have never seen anything work like it before I am truly impressed and I know everyone here in the shop is impressed as well.


Ron P., Naples, FL





QMaxx is truly a premium product…


Dear QMaxx,


A friend introduced me to your product at the St. Louis boat show. Fishing more than 50 tournaments a year, I have used just about every product on the market. He claimed the QMaxx FRESH removed the calcium buildup and scum off the boat better than any product he’s used. I bought a can and before the next tournament, treated my boat to it. Sure enough, the product ate through the calcium and took off the scum from the boat. Just that was enough to spark my attention but it did more than that. He claimed since the product itself was heavier than water; water can’t penetrate it and wouldn’t wash it off. Well after a solid weekend of fishing, running more than 100 miles in my boat in excess of 60 mph, QMaxx was still protecting. When I took my boat out of the water, the water beaded off my motor and boat, leaving no watermarks, spots, or scum. I was amazed. QMaxx is truly a premium product and the only one on the market I allow to touch my boat.


Jim Y.,
Professional Fisherman



I have never seen anything like it.


Being a fisherman, I have grown up around boats. One of the biggest problems we have is the calcium build-up that collects on the lower units. I did not think it was possible but QMaxx FRESH not only cleaned the calcium chloride off the boat but it has kept the calcium from renewing itself on the lower unit of my boat. I have never seen anything like it.


Blase F.





QMAXX ICE did the job


Winter temperature fluctuations cause havoc with our door locks. The last time I got locked out of the house, I walked to the hardware store to get a can of deicer, and still couldn’t unfreeze the lock. After finding an alternate entry into my house, I immediately sprayed all my outside locks with QMaxx. QMaxx ICE did the job.

I now have a new annual routine. Every fall when I turn the clocks back, I check the batteries in my smoke detectors AND spray the locks with QMaxx ICE. I’m good to go regardless what winter brings our way. Thanks.


Kendra B.,



QMaxx H20


Our bikes shifted smooth for the whole weekend!


We enjoyed having QMaxx H20 along with us during the rainy last day of the Elite National Championships in Louisville. Our bikes shifted smooth for the whole weekend! Thanks QMaxx!


Kenny Bellau, Director, 
Palmer Cycling, New Orleans



…[QMaxx H20] lasted almost 300 car washes


I received a can of QMaxx H20 at the Los Angeles Gun Show because I am an owner of various car washes around the Los Angeles area so I wanted to see how it would hold up on the chains that pull cars through the washes. Most products on the market usually hold up between five and six carwashes. I did not think it was possible but QMaxx lasted almost 300 car washes before it started to wear off. Expect to hear from me soon about ordering QMaxx H20 by the gallons.


John K., Owner of Car Washes in Los Angeles



QMaxx P&L


…I am a true believer of the QMaxx product line and count on me to be spreading the word!


I specialize in cleaning up and preserving antique military weapons. QMaxx BLU and QMaxx Penetrating [QMaxx P&L] are amazing for what I need done. These two products are able to free up guns that have not worked for many years but what else is amazing is the fact that these two products allow rusted up guns to look almost brand new. I have never seen anything like it before. I am a true believer of the QMaxx product line and count on me to be spreading the word!


Dean R., Collector



…I will not be without a can of QMaxx


Dear QMaxx guys, I found your product while at a Pheasant and Quail expo. My assumption was that you were selling the QMaxx Penetrating and QMaxx Industrial Strength to the gun crowd for cleaning and protecting their guns. Upon closer inspection it became obvious to me that this product might fill a much needed niche in the locksmithing industry. Far too often a padlock, even high-quality padlocks, fall victim to corrosion. A blast or two of QMaxx Penetrating, and those locks are back in use. At the University where I work, we have hundreds of padlocks exposed to the elements, as well as commercial-grade locksets on outside applications. Occasionally we will find that the cylinder inside the lockset has become corroded and no longer functions. Before this product, our only solution was to drill out the cylinder and try to preserve the lockset, when possible. With QMaxx Penetrating, I sprayed the cylinder and surrounding area thoroughly and let it absorb for several hours. I re-sprayed the QMaxx, and several hours later the cylinder moved enough that I was able to remove it and the lockset from the door. With the price of cylinders at around $60, and commercial-grade locksets upwards of $200, I will not be without a can of QMaxx. Great product folks, and I plan on spreading the word to the other locksmiths I know.


Karen S., Institutional Locksmith



QMaxx Superior Tested Formula


QMaxx Superior…more effective in maintaining a barrier from dust and moisture


It is our pleasure to provide a recommendation of QMaxx Superior for use in building maintenance. Specifically, we have been uwing QMaxx Superior for its effectiveness in lubrication during routine elevator maintenance.

As property managers with a portfolio of about 80 multi-family apartment buildings, we have experienced dissatisfaction with the use WD-40 as a lubricant on moving elevator components. After doing a test with QMaxx Superior, we have found it to be much more effective in maintaining a barrier from dust and moisture. Its durability has had a decidedly positive impact in the performance and safety of our elevators.

We anticipate continued use of QMaxx Superior and look forward to testing other products in the line.


Steven Finkelstein,
Finkelstein Timberger East

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