Bill Boyce On the Road to Baja Sur Shows Practical Application of QMaxx H2O

Bill Boyce, host of Destination Baja Sur, wanted to prove for himself the value of QMaxx products. He started with random applications, such as cleaning and protecting his trailer hitch lock with QMaxx H20. While this appears like a small use, a trailer hitch lock endures a lot of abuse from rain, road dirt and (typically) a lot of neglect. Bill used QMaxx H2O to clean rust and protect the trailer hinge for easy use.

Bill Boyce Trusts His Monster Suzuki 300 Outboard to QMaxx SALT

Before venturing out onto the water in the hot humid climate of Baja Sur and the super-salty Sea of Cortez, Bill Boyce (Host of Destination Baja Sur) protects his top-of-the line Suzuki 300 outboard to a good treatment of QMaxx SALT. QMaxx SALT cleans, lubricates, protects metal and must important prevents rust and corrosion in high salinity environments. He shares his rationale for relying on QMaxx SALT.

QMaxx Patented Water Displacement Works Because It’s Heavier Than Water

To stop rust and corrosion, you have to break the rust cycle of water, oxygen and metal. QMaxx with it’s heavier-than-water formula and ability to bond with metal creates a durable, long-lasting barrier between metal and the water and oxygen that cause rust and corrosion. While we’re taught that oil is lighter than water, QMaxx cleaning/lubricating oils defy the norm. See how QMaxx sinks to the bottom of the glass of water…while competitors float on top of water. And when oils float on top they can actually trap moisture against metal surfaces.

QMaxx Protects Electrical Circuitry Against Rust and Corrosion…Even After Prolonged Submersion in Water

Water and electronics don’t mix. Right?! Well QMaxx products create a barrier against moisture, prevent rust and corrosion on electrical contacts and connectors and protect the integrity of your circuitry. QMaxx is heavier than water and pushes moisture away from circuit connections, traces and gold and silver soldered connections. QMaxx bonds with metal atoms to create a durable, long-lasting barrier against the rust and corrosion that can disrupt the flow of electricity. QMaxx is also a superior dielectric that insulates bare wires, contact points and circuit boards against water. As this lab test shows, QMaxx even protects circuits submerged in saltwater.

QMaxx Rescues Heavy Machinery and Equipment from Damaging Flood Waters in Texas

With the torrential rains and devastating flooding in March 2016, American Airboats in Orange, Texas, risked losing everything. Heavy machinery, fabrication equipment and electronics were all underwater…for days. QMaxx delivered a truckload of its Industrial Strength, H2O and SALT formulas…and saved the equipment and the business.

QMaxx FRESH Takes on Water, Rust, Corrosion and Lime Deposits and Keeps Machinery Running

Henry Horta, owner of Got Dirty Floors? in Phoenix, cleans and restores carpet, hard surfaces and grout. His equipment comes in contact with water every day. To keep his machinery up and running and performing at their best, he relies on QMaxx FRESH and Industrial Strength. QMaxx cleans metal surfaces, lubricates, prevents rust and corrosion and proven to protect better and longer than other commercial products.

QMaxx Industrial Strength Helps Keep Aarrow Boring Equipment Performing at Peak

Ricky Schmuck says Aarrow Boring has been using QMaxx for five years on virtually all their heavy duty horizontal tunneling and boring equipment–including augers, rock heads, rock teeth and steering rods. The equipment receives a lot of wear and tear, and that’s why they rely on QMaxx to keep equipment running at peak performance. QMaxx prevents rust and corrosion…it also can break-free corroded or rust-frozen parts.

Max Armstrong for QMaxx: You Have a Friend Around the Farm or Ranch

Max Armstrong, popular host of This Week in Agribusiness, uses the family of QMaxx all-in-one cleaners, lubricants and rust and corrosion preventatives. They are ideal for protecting heavy machinery, tools, vehicles, firearms, engines and more. Max says have plenty around the farm, ranch, home and workshop.

QMaxx Industrial Strength Breaks Free Rust Frozen Parts

Autry Gibbs knows trucks; he’s been repairing and maintaining them for years. He’s also relied on QMaxx products for several years. In this video he demonstrates how he trusts QMaxx Industrial Strength to remove the stud in an 18-year-old truck manifold. He shows how he gets QMaxx to the rust-frozen threads, sprays QMaxx then lets the superior solvents go to work. After that, removing the stud is very easy.

Winterize Heavy Machinery to Fight Rust and Corrosion During the Off Season

Jerry Tuschhoff, service manager at Heuer Sons Implement Company in Cape Girardeau, MO, knows heavy machinery. He has an important message about storing heavy machinery during the off season. Those chrome piston rods in the hydraulics can rust and corrode during the winter months. And when you next go to use the machine you the rust pits can destroy the seal–costing you money. Treat with QMaxx H2O and rest easy all winter.

Florida Loves QMaxx: Capt. Rick Murphy Trusts the 4-in-1 Choice

To demonstrate QMaxx’s rust and corrosion fighting properties, we sprayed the Suburban that Rick Murphy (host of Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report) keeps in the Bahamas with QMaxx SALT. Almost two years later, even the island’s humidity and salt spray has not been able to ruin his vehicle. Rick explains some of the many ways he relies on QMaxx today.

Florida Loves QMaxx: Corey McKeever Protects His Personal Fishing Boat with QMaxx SALT

Corey McKeever, owner of McKeever’s Marine in Bradenton, FL, puts his money where his mouth is. He recommends QMaxx SALT to his customers; he also trusts QMaxx to keep the motors, fittings and electronics on his own boat clean and rust and corrosion free. Trailers too. He treats the trailer and wheels with QMaxx.

QMaxx Gun Oils Save the ACUI Money on Shotgun Shells Every Year

As the shooting consultant to the Association of College Unions International (ACUI) Collegiate Clay Targets program, Russ Arnold has seen the benefits of QMaxx gun cleaning oils (BLU and Black Diamond) firsthand. QMaxx not only cleans and protects firearms, it saves them money.

Florida Sportsman Host Rick Ryals is a QMaxx Believer

Fisherman Capt. Rick Ryals, host of Florida Sportsman radio talks QMaxx. While Rick raves about QMaxx SALT for his fishing tackle, pay close attention to his explanation of why QMaxx works. It’s spot on and pertains to the technology and traits of the entire QMaxx family of products.

Florida Firearms Academy Gunsmith Quiency Gordon Uses QMaxx Gun Cleaning Oils

With QMaxx Gun Cleaning Oils–your firearms maintenance is as easy as it is effective. Clean firearms with a brush and a soft cloth. Prevent rust and corrosion–even if you shoot in bad weather. There’s no hard, tacky build up or gummy residue. The more you use it the better it works (and the easier the cleanup.

How Florida Fights Rust and Corrosion: Elite Marine Supply and QMaxx

Davina Petit, owner and general manager of Elite Marine Supply in Naples, Florida has been selling QMaxx products for 2 years. She says it’s because QMaxx is true water displacement technology that people understand and want QMaxx.

QMaxx Industrial Strength Helps Restore $1 Million Barn Find–A 1967 Lamborghini Miura

When restoring older vehicles, it can be difficult to find replacement parts. That’s why it’s important to disassemble and restore the original parts without damaging them in the process. QMaxx Industrial Strength dissolves rust and makes everything from rusty bolts to 40-year-old brake calipers safe and easy.

QMaxx Industrial Strength Dissolves Rust in a 1953 Packard 327 Straight Eight Engine

Jeff Hocker, owner of Hidden Valley Auto Parts, relies on QMaxx Industrial Strength to dissolve rust in the cylinders of a 1953 Packard Straight 8 engine. In just a few hours, QMaxx breaks down the rust in the frozen cylinders and turns junk into an engine ready for restoration.

American Airboats Fights Rust and Corrosion with QMaxx SALT

American Airboat Corp., home of the Air Ranger, treats virtually every bit of metal on a new airboat with QMaxx SALT before it leaves the manufacturer. They treat the engines, electrical systems, propellers, reduction drives and exhaust systems to keep rust and corrosion at bay. And they recommend QMaxx to their customers. See why.

Trailers Rusting and Corroding? Get QMaxx 

Boat trailers are virtually all metal. They’re also in and out of water and allowed to sit around between uses. That’s when rust and corrosion happens. Freshwater, and especially saltwater, can destroy your leave springs, aluminum wheels axels and frames. Treat your trailer with QMaxx and give it a much longer life. James Dolan of Sturdy Built Trailer Parts in Sarasota, FL, explains.

QMaxx Industrial Strength for Regular Truck Care

OTR drivers, when you do your pre-drive inspection walk-around, carry a can of QMaxx Industrial Strength. It’s the fast easy way to keep rust and corrosion at bay. Jim Green demonstrates using QMaxx on locks, battery terminals and fifth-wheel mechanisms.

QMaxx ICE in the OTR Trailer Brake Line Keeps Brake Systems from Freezing

Jim Green demonstrates how he uses QMaxx ICE to help stop the rust and ice that can freeze and lock up trailer brakes. He shows how he squirts just a little QMaxx ICE into his air lines then pumps the brakes to force the ice-fighting lubricant through the system and down into the brake canister.

QMaxx SALT Protects OTR Truck Tandems from Rust and Road Salts

Drivers, when you need to slide your tandems to balance a load or back into a loading docks, you don’t want to fight rust-frozen pins and tandems. Jim Green demonstrates the application and smooth functioning of QMaxx-treated trailer tandems…one fewer hassle for drivers.

QMaxx BLU and Colt 1860 Army Revolver for Black Powder Fans

Master gunsmith Jim Green is an avid black powder shooter. He’s discovered the power of QMaxx BLU to reduce the challenge of cleaning black powder firearms. While disassembling and cleaning his Colt 1860 Army revolver, he explains the benefits of regular QMaxx treatments to reduce fouling and carbon buildup.

QMaxx BLU and 1911 Pistol Cleaning

Master gunsmith Jim Green cleans a classic 1911 pistol and demonstrates how he uses QMaxx BLU to clean, lubricate and protect his firearm from rust and corrosion. He includes a few assembly tips and shows how QMaxx works.

Gunsmith Cleans AR-15 with QMaxx Black Diamond

Master gunsmith Jim Green does a field cleaning on an AR-15 and speaks about the benefits of QMaxx Black Diamond for its cleaning and protective capabilities. Green explains the superior lubrication and friction-fighting powers of NanoMaxx technology.

Professional Speed Shooter Travis Mears Likes QMaxx

See what Travis Mears can do with a Beretta shotgun, some Rio ammo and a whole lot of clay targets, bags of flour, eggs, lettuce and more. He slices and dices and blows them to bits. He’s like the Gallagher of the shotgun world, and QMaxx gun oils keep his guns clean, lubricated and cycling fast.

Capt. Jay Protects Boat Trailer with QMaxx SALT

Captain Jay Withers of Silver Lining Charters in Florida talks about the power of QMaxx SALT to prevent rust and corrosion from saltwater. He says in addition to using QMaxx SALT on his boat and fishing tackle, he’s been spraying the aluminum wheels on his boat trailer. Great idea!

QMaxx ICE Challenge

We put QMaxx ICE to the test by freezing water on several metal surfaces. Half are treated with QMaxx ICE; the other half are untreated. Watch to see if QMaxx ICE prevents ice from sticking to metal in subfreezing temperatures.

QMaxx Industrial Strength Saves a Rusted Tractor Motor

Imagine the rust that built up inside the motor of a 1952 CASE DC tractor that sat out in a farmer’s field for 20 years. Now imagine getting that rusted motor unfrozen and running without rebuilding and replacing a lot of parts. That’s the rust-cutting power of QMaxx Industrial Strength. QMaxx saved tractor owner Michael Howell time and money.

QMaxx BLU Rescues Old Rusted-Out Walther P38

Dave Romero reports from the QMaxx Mobile Anti-Corrosion Unit. He demonstrates what it takes to un-seize the frozen action, safety and magazine on a severely rusted-out Walther P38 that had been stashed under the seat of a 1967 Lamborghini Mira for the last 40 years.

QMaxx—A Tale of 2 Guns

Dave McCreery puts out his QMaxx Rust Challenge at a local agricultural show, “Bring me the worst you’ve got; QMaxx can handle it.” You have to see what QMaxx BLU did for a pair of rusted guns that were lost in a field 20 years earlier.

Millions of Worms…And a QMaxx Moment

Capt. Mark Garry of Kidcochiese Outdoors is back with a new video. But the fishing was a bust due to the cinder worm spawn in Long Island Sound. So Garry went to his workshop to clean his handguns instead. If you go to the 3:38 mark, you’ll get a quick lesson in QMAXX BLU and Black Diamond gun oils.

QMaxx SALT at Montauk

Some great footage presented by Capt. Mark Garry of Kidcochiese Outdoors and useful tackle tips at the 3:56 and 8:54 marks. Garry is a big QMaxx fan.

QMaxx SALT Testimonial

Capt. Mark Garry of Kidcochiese Outdoors and is a big QMaxx fan. At the 11:20 mark in his striped bass video (Striped Bass See or Smell) Garry demononstrates how he uses QMaxx SALT on his boat’s brightwork.

QMaxx ICE Snowmobile Test

QMaxx’s Max McCreery takes us for a ride with QMaxx ICE. Forget the lift and drop method of clearing snow and ice buildup. Spray QMaxx ICE on your snowmobile’s tunnel, suspension and hyfax and and keep snow and ice from sticking, clogging the tunnel and stressing the suspension with extra weight.

QMaxx ICE for Winter Equipment

Max McCreery put QMaxx to the test against a winter’s worth of equipment, and he recorded the results. Ice and snow are no match for QMaxx ICE. No freezing, no icing, no buildup…whether you’re running a snow blower, snowplow, trail groomer, front end loader. Or just manhandling a snow shovel in the driveway. Check out these videos.