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The Team

Why QMaxx Technology?

At the QMaxx Products Group, we understand the properties of water and what's required to keep metal surfaces clean, dry and well lubricated. Every specialty lubricant and functional fluid in the QMaxx family is designed to:

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Blue droplets.jpg


Water...Even Standing Water!

QMaxx has an average specific gravity of 1.153 compared with water. The heavier-than-water formula gets underneath any existing moisture and penetrates the surface to clean, lubricate, protect and prevent rust and corrosion.


Under Extreme Environmental and 

Industrial Conditions!

From subzero ice and snow to tropical fog and salt spray, QMaxx protects against rust and corrosion. QMaxx formulations also target specific applications (e.g., penetrating heavy rust and corrosion; treating bare steel, blued and black gun parts; keeping chains clean, lubricated and rust/corrosion free; and creating a long-last barrier on equipment stored and exposed to the elements.



The Right Balance Between Function

and Safety!

QMaxx is scientifically balanced to be aggressive enough to solve the problem while providing maximum safety to the environment and equipment--and always retaining its signature characteristic of being heavier than water. By matching the right formulation with each problem, customers can expect the best results in controlling rust and corrosion while protecting most non-metallic surfaces and electrical circuitry and components from overly aggressive chemicals.


Electrical Circuitry from Corrosion While Maintaining Good Dielectrics!

QMaxx has superior dielectric properties because it doesn't simply repel water. It displaces water and creates a protective barrier on metal wires and circuits. It's clean, convenient to use and the low viscosity allows QMaxx to penetrate deep--keeping terminals corrosion free and electric motors and circuitry functioning under the wettest conditions without packing in heavy dielectric grease.



Dirt, Dust and Sand!

QMaxx evaporates quickly leaving a dry-to-the-touch barrier with no oily or tacky residue. Teflon-based lubricants will become gummy and collect dust, grit, grime sand or even fingerprints--all of which can give rust and corrosion a place to start. NOT QMaxx. The more you use QMaxx, the better it works.

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