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QMaxx Products Are In a Class of Their Own

Think lubricants and rust inhibitors are all pretty much the same? We did too…until we tried QMaxx.

I’m Frank Leutz, COO of Desert Car Care of Chandler and host of Wrench Nation, and before we started using QMaxx, my technicians and I thought most lubricants and rust-busting solvents were similar. But I have to say that our experiences using QMaxx Industrial Strength have proven to us that nothing else is even close.

QMaxx Increases Productivity

At Desert Car Care, customer service is important. We deliver on that service by doing the best work at the best possible price. At the same time, we’re building a business. The key to profits plus service is productivity. That’s where QMaxx products factor into the equation.

Let me explain: Rust and oxidation can kill productivity in a heart beat. They add time to jobs and increase the number of parts we have to replace. So the $200 job ends up costing $350. All because of the additional labor (time spent fighting with rust-frozen parts) and parts (parts that end up having to be cut off and replaced). And there goes our productivity.

QMaxx has changed all that.

Trust the Guys Who Use QMaxx

Within a couple days of using QMaxx, one of my technicians came to me all excited. Normally this guy is very mellow, but as he started to talk about QMaxx he became all animated and said, “Oh my goodness, Frank, you’ve got to get QMaxx for the whole shop.”

You can’t get a better testimonial than that from a person who works the line in the automotive industry day in and day out. Our techs are among the best–all ASE Certified Master Technicians–and when they find something that makes their work go more smoothly they know they’ve struck gold. And they’re quick to adopt it. Today we use QMaxx throughout our shop.

Because I want you to experience this most amazing lubricant and rust preventative, I’ve arranged for you to get all the benefits of QMaxx products PLUS 10% savings on all your orders.

We thought we'd used similar lubricants and rust busters in the past...but after using QMaxx, we have to say it's not even close. There is NO product even similar to QMaxx.
- Frank Leutz, COO, Desert Car Care
QMaxx Industrial Strength, SALT and H20 protect cars

Especially for You

I’m so impressed with the way QMaxx products work, that I’ve arranged for you to get started using QMaxx today…and save money in the process.

And when you start using QMaxx, that’s when the real benefits kick in. QMaxx will make your life easier…whether you’re:

  • Protecting your vehicles from rust and road salts
  • Cleaning your firearms
  • Lubricating chain drives, gears and fast-moving parts
  • Or freeing rust-frozen parts

For all the metal in your life…there’s a QMaxx product for that.

The QMaxx Difference

When it comes to cleaning, lubricating and fighting rust and corrosion, QMaxx is in a class by itself . All QMaxx products are engineered to:

  • Displace Water–QMaxx is heavier than water. so it literally pushes water away from surfaces.
  • Bond with Metal–QMaxx bonds molecularly with metal to create a durable, long-lasting barrier against rust-causing elements.
  • Remain Dry to Touch–QMaxx is never gummy or oily so it won’t pick up dirt, sand or particulates.
  • Work in Extreme Conditions–QMaxx products are specially formulated for the toughest jobs.
  • Do It All in One Can–QMaxx is the 4-in-1 formula that cleans, lubricates, protects metal and prevents rust and corrosion.
  • Work Better Over Time–The more you use QMaxx products, the better they protect and the easier your cleanup.
Protect cars with QMaxx before your next road trip

QMaxx Saves the Day…Even in Dry Arizona

When you think of Arizona, you probably think rust and corrosion aren’t a problem. It’s true that oxidation is something of a foreign language in our climate because we don’t experience it daily. But when our technicians do encounter rust and oxidation, it can take double or even triple time to deal with it.

Again, there goes our productivity.

We’ve solved that problem with QMaxx Industrial Strength. It’s so effective at breaking down rust-frozen parts, our technicians now spray down front-end components, suspension and other parts before they even start to tackle a job. It makes jobs easier. We save more parts. Complete the work faster. And in the process we’re protecting our customers’ vehicles against future rust and corrosion. That’s a win-win.

We’re not the only ones to see the benefits of using QMaxx. Here are a couple of videos I think you’ll find quite compelling:

Only QMaxx does it all:

  • Uses Patented Water-Displacement Technology
  • Dissolves and Cleans Existing Rust & Corrosion
  • Molecularly Bonds to Metal to Create a Powerful Barrier that Protects Against Rust & Corrosion
  • Prevents Snow and Ice Buildup on Winter Gear
  • Pushes Moisture Away from Surfaces--Even Standing Water
  • Lubricates Moving Parts
  • Protects Everything Metal
  • Meets Environmental Standards

The QMaxx family of products clean, lubricate and protect all your metal surfaces. QMaxx ICE, SALT, H2O, Industrial Strength and additional products are formulated for the toughest environmental and working conditions. And in addition to standard pumps and aerosols, QMaxx is available in several applicators. QMaxx trigger spray bottles target product precisely where you want it. QMaxx Wipes are tough, convenient, 7″ x 9″ pre-moistened towelettes that are perfect to stash in your pocket, shooting vest or possibles bag. Black Diamond and BLU Lube Pens combine pinpoint application with a tough scrubbing tip–perfect for cleaning tight spaces in the actions of firearms.

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