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QMaxx Prevents Saltwater Corrosion
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Why QMAXX Works Better

Our patented technology breaks the rust cycle...and more


         Penetrate Rust and Corrosion

QMaxx is thin enough to penetrate the toughest rust, dirt and corrosion. It seeps deep into small crevices and into the threads of rusted nuts and bolts. QMaxx breaks up rust and restores moving parts to full function.

         Lubricate Moving Parts

QMaxx lubrication reduces friction. It forms a non-abrasive barrier against moisture and dirt. Products with NanoMaxxTM technology fill tiny surface pits with industrial diamond particles that work like microscopic ball bearings.

         Ensure Superior Dielectrics

QMaxx has excellent electrical insulating properties to provide electrochemical protection against galvanic corrosion. It maintains conductivity in electrical circuitry while it insulates outdoor light sockets to extend the life of bulbs.

         Repel Dirt, Grit and Sand

QMaxx dries quickly and forms an invisible barrier to keep surfaces clean and dry. NO oily residue. NOgummy film to pick up the particulates that cause wear and tear. Moving parts function smoothly and last longer.

        Prevent Rust and Corrosion

QMaxx patented water-displacement technology prevents rust and corrosion. Because it’s heavier than water, QMaxx actively pushes moisture away from surfaces then bonds molecularly with metal to create a long-lasting barrier.

        Clean Surface Rust

QMaxx engineers the right balance between aggressiveness and safety. The solvents dissolve and clean surface rust and corrosion without damaging electrical circuitry and equipment surfaces.

        Protect Under Extreme Conditions

QMaxx performs under the most demanding environmental, work and sport conditions. Snow and ice won’t freeze to metal surfaces—down to -50°F/-46°C. QMaxx even protects against saltwater corrosion and destructive road salts.

        Adhere to Chain Drives

QMaxx bonds to metal for fling-free lubrication and rust-fighting protection. QMaxx withstands the high-speed centrifugal force chain drives and fast-moving machine parts sustain.

Parallel Lines


We'll be back up and running full strength as quickly as possible. Our website was hit by malware. It wiped out all text, graphics and the online store. 

In the meantime, you can buy most of our cans and bottles on Amazon.

Thank you for your understanding.


Please Find Us on Amazon for Now

BLU 16 oz Trigger_product store wix.jpg

QMaxx BLU protect steel, nickel and blued guns as well as knives against rust and corrosion.

INDUSTRIAL 13 oz aerosol_product image store Wix.jpg

QMaxx Industrial Strength for your toughest jobs at work and home under the toughest environments.

SALT 12 oz aerosol store wix.jpg

QMaxx SALT for boats, motors and fishing gear as well as vehicles exposed to salt spray.

ICE 13 oz aerosol_product image store Wix.jpg

QMaxx ICE prevents ice and snow build up on metal and protects against corrosion.

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