About QMaxx

When David McCreery launched QMaxx Products Group LLC in Missouri in May 2010, the original Q20 had been an iconic water repellent and rust/corrosion preventative for more than 50 years. Q20 was (and still is) widely used in homes, offices and workshops across South Africa.

Although Q20 has been considered the top-performing product in many parts of the world, McCreery had ideas for improving the formula. He spent 18 months on extensive testing and reformulation. He used focus groups, local shows, country fairs and shooting competitions to showcase his products and collect consumer feedback. McCreery also listened as manufacturers and industrial leaders shared their priorities and product-specific needs.

Two things were clear:

  • Rust and corrosion is an expensive problem: The annual direct costs in the United States represent more than 3 percent of GDP. That’s more than all natural disasters combined.
  • Lubricants were not keeping up with technology: Many top-selling lubricants in the United States had been on the market for decades without any significant efforts to keep up with changing industrial and consumer needs.

QMaxx Products Provide Superior Corrosion Protection

In response, McCreery has focused on creating a core formula to ensure QMaxx products provide superior corrosion protection for metals under the most extreme sport, work and environmental conditions. QMaxx’s patented water-displacement technology is taking rust and corrosion protection and prevention to a whole new level.

QMaxx chemists have enhanced and scientifically reformulated the signature technology to develop a family of specialty lubricants and functional fluids. The QMaxx family of protective rust and corrosion formulas is developed with the needs of consumers, industrial and military/government users in mind.